Alexa Amorosino is a features columnist at The Tufts Daily. Alexa is a junior studying economics, and she is currently studying abroad in Milan, Italy. Alexa can be reached at [email protected]

Lex Eat!: An obnoxious take on tiramisu

I’m usually not huge on sweets — I’d take a bag of chips over a piece of cake any day — but when it comes to tiramisu, I’m in. When it’s done right, it has all the components of a great dessert: light, creamy and not too sweet. If tiramisu is on the menu, I’m […]

Lex Eat!: Del Frisco’s who?

“Bistecca alla Fiorentina,” aka the best steak you’ll ever eat.  This past weekend I got a chance to visit Florence, located in Italy’s Tuscany region and only an hour and half train from Milan. Some people visit the city to see its iconic terracotta-tiled Duomo or Michelangelo’s David — I went for the steak.  Like […]

Lex Eat!: Don’t read this if you are gluten-free

I can’t write a food column in Italy without giving pasta its moment — so let’s talk about it.   Pasta is truly all-encompassing in terms of what it represents in Italian culture.  Traditional pasta making is a fundamental part of the Italian experience, and customarily, a family affair. Italian grandmothers spend hours kneading dough, rolling […]

Lex Eat!: You don’t get old at the table

Some people simply eat to live. They see food as fuel and treat it as such. I am not one of those people … and that’s pretty much how I found myself living abroad in Italy this fall. “A tavola non si invecchia”: This Italian proverb literally translates to “you don’t get old at the […]

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