Stuff Tufts People Like’ catalogs Hill culture

Dubstep. Dave’s Fresh Pasta. Googling Anthony Monaco. These things are not just the goings-on of a fun weekend, but the basis for a new blog by sophomore Ruth Tam called Stuff Tufts People Like. Last spring, Tam and a few friends were talking about Stuff White People Like, a site created in 2008 by writer […]

Seniors ponder Tufts’ latest graduation speaker

At the Edward R. Murrow Forum on Issues in Journalism on April 11, moderator Jonathan Tisch (A ’76) asked honored guest journalist Katie Couric about her upcoming stint as a commencement speaker. “I believe you’re going to be across the river this May,” he said to Couric during the forum. Couric looked at the audience […]

And they’re off: 2012 election season begins

President Barack Obama announced the start of his re-election campaign Monday morning, asking supporters — by text message and email and through his newest campaign video —  “Are you in?” This announcement officially kicks off the 2012 Presidential Election Season and, with it, speculation about who will run against him, what kind of Republican he […]

Online and off, FOMO a phobia here to stay

Facebook. Twitter. Flickr. Tumblr. The choices for what to click on next abound. Yet while social networking sites have swelled over the past decade, opening the door to new avenues of communication every day, they can also spark anxieties among users flooded with new information seemingly every second. Enter FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing […]

With the release of his new memoirs, George W. Bush’s favorable rating rises

Although former President George W. Bush left office nearly two years ago, with the recent release of his memoir, “Decision Points,” he is back in the public consciousness. It looks as though he aims to stay and that many Americans are happy to have him back. His favorable rating has gone up four points from […]

Veteran Matthis Chiroux speaks out against the U.S. military

Every Nov. 11, American veterans are honored in a variety of ways. While 43 percent of Americans think our current military involvement in Afghanistan is a “mistake,” 76 percent of Americans have a great deal of confidence in the military as an institution, according to a Gallup poll from August. Matthis Chiroux, a veteran who […]

Victoria Kolakowski could be the first transgender trial court judge in American history

Victoria Kolakowski is a lawyer, a judge and a wife.She has a master’s degree in biomedical engineering and one in divinity, alongside her law degree. If elected as judge of the Superior Court of Alameda County, Ca.,today, she will not only be one ofrelatively few women appointed to these courtsbut thefirst ever transgender trial court […]

Is campus cigarette culture extinct?

It wasn’t long ago that the consummate image of the collegiate intellectual pictured the individual with an espresso in one hand and a cigarette in the other. As more information is released about the long-term effects of smoking, however, it’s only natural to see a decline in the prevalence of this image on American university […]

Varying study locations could improve content retention, psychologists say

For many students at Tufts, an upcoming paper or exam means holing up in Tisch Library for an all−nighter. But as midterms approach, they may do well to reconsider: Psychologists find that changing study locations every so often can actually help improve information retention. Psychologists have been aware of this discovery since 1978, according to […]

Tufts students do not have an excuse for unhealthy eating, thanks to Dining Services

Our culture is obsessed with food. To turn on the television is to be berated by figures like Rachael Ray and Jamie Oliver telling you how to eat and cooking competition shows such as Top Chef and Cupcake Wars showing the latest avant-garde recipes. However, Americans do not seem to be eating a diet as […]