Alejandra Carrillo

Alejandra Carrillo is the Executive News Editor and former Deputy News Editor at the Daily. She is a junior majoring in International Relations and can be reached at [email protected]

Monaco, administration respond to new Title IX regulations, gather committee

In response to the United States Department of Education’s recent changes to Title IX regulations, University President Anthony Monaco and other administrators affirmed Tufts’ commitment to combating sexual misconduct and gathered members of the Sexual Misconduct Steering Committee to determine future action. The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) released final Title IX […]

Faculty choose optional pass/fail over mandatory

Faculty in the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering (AS&E) on March 23 approved temporary changes to Tufts’ academic policies for most undergraduate students, effectively ending the debate raging among students about which alternative grading system would work best for Tufts’ undergraduate student body. Among the changes approved by the faculty was a temporary […]

Medford, Somerville awarded grants to address climate change

Medford and Somerville were awarded nearly half a million dollars in Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Action Grants on Feb. 5, as part of an approximately $1.2 million grant package awarded to the Resilient Mystic Collaborative, a group of 18 municipalities of which Medford and Somerville are members. Projects that are awarded this funding are focused […]

ORLL to eliminate lead resident assistant role for next year

The Office of Residential Life and Learning (ORLL) told lead resident assistant (RA) applicants by email on Jan. 31 that they would be eliminating the lead RA role entirely, and therefore would not be interviewing any candidates to fill the position next year.  This announcement came at the end of the week during which interviews […]

Greathouse hired as new associate director for diversity and inclusion education

Maren Greathouse was selected as the new Associate Director for Diversity and Inclusion Education for the Medford/Somerville and School at the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) campuses, announced in an email to the Tufts community on Jan. 8. She began her new role on Jan. 13. Her appointment follows that of Adriana Black, the inaugural […]

Former US Attorney General Eric Holder speaks about career in government

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. spoke to members of the Tufts, Medford and Somerville communities last night at Breed Memorial Hall about his experience as the leader of the Department of Justice and political and legal issues. The event was hosted as part of the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life’s […]

ResLife to replace CDAs, FYAs with RA positions

The Office of Residential Life and Learning (ResLife) announced in a meeting with student staff on Sunday that it will be restructuring student roles within residence halls. The First-Year Assistant (FYA) and Community Development Assistant (CDA) positions will no longer exist and will be replaced by Resident Assistant (RA) positions beginning in the 2020–21 academic year, just two years […]

Marvin Casasola appointed new director of Latino Center

Marvin Casasola, who previously served as university relations and campus outreach manager at Boston University’s (BU) Study Abroad Office, has been selected as the new director of the Latino Center, according to a Sept. 3 email from Student Life. Casasola assumed his role over the summer. The Latino Center serves the Latinx community at Tufts […]

Aaron Parayno named new director of Asian American Center

An email sent out to students on behalf of Raymond Ou, senior associate dean of student affairs, announced Aaron Parayno as the new director of the Asian American Center. Parayno served as assistant director of the Asian American Center at Northeastern and supported student programs at both Babson College and Boston College. His arrival follows […]

Controversial incidents prompt student outcry, administration response

After a series of incidents across campus, including eggings and vandalism, stoked controversy among students, senior administration officials responded in a campus-wide email last Friday outlining their support for an accepting campus culture. The incidents mentioned in the email, titled “Affirming our Values and Support for Students,” included a series of eggings that took place […]