Akash is a contributing writer at the Daily. She is a first year who has not yet declared a major. Akash can be reached at akash.mishra@tufts.edu

International students reflect on military service, its impact on the college experience

While most Tufts students do not consider a career in the military, a number of international students, either by obligation or by personal choice, commit themselves to serving their native armed forces during or after their time at Tufts. Andrew Shiotani, who works with students who need to take leaves of absence for such reasons in […]

Students call for improvement of on-campus diversity after racist, discriminatory interactions with faculty

Tufts University, by its own account, is racially and ethnically diverse. On its website, the Admissions Office says, “The energy of the Tufts community is due in no small part to the mix of people. Jumbos come from a range of backgrounds and bring diverse talents, opinions, interests, and experience to the table.” It becomes […]