Alexander Janoff is the Editor in Chief at The Tufts Daily. He is a junior studying political science and computer science. Alex can be reached at [email protected]

Tufts community mourns the passing of sophomore Cher Xiong

Cher Xiong, a sophomore in the School of Arts and Sciences, passed away unexpectedly on Sunday evening, according to an email from university administrators. The email highlighted Xiong’s kind, outgoing nature and the impact their passing will have on the community. “Cher was known as a fearless and adventurous person who was playful, had a […]

BREAKING: Tufts announces plans to roll back long-standing COVID-19 restrictions

In an email sent to the Tufts community on Wednesday, administration officials announced Tufts’ plans to “gradually lift” the COVID-19 restrictions that have been imposed since the pandemic’s onset forced the university’s campuses to remote learning in March 2020. The email was signed by James Glaser, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences; Kyongbum […]

Letter from the Editor in Chief: Welcome back to the hill

Hi, everyone! My name is Alex Janoff, and I am the Editor in Chief of The Tufts Daily for this upcoming spring semester. As the Tufts community returns to campus over the course of the next week or so, I — personally — have started to make that oh-so difficult but necessary mental switch from […]

Q&A: Ben Downing discusses addressing climate change equitably in Massachusetts

After Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker decided not to run for a third term in the 2022 Massachusetts gubernatorial election, the Daily sat down with one of the election’s Democratic hopefuls, Tufts alumnus and former adjunct professor Ben Downing (AG’08) to discuss his platform and goals for transportation and environmental justice in the state. After graduating […]

Ballantyne beats Mbah, Lungo-Koehn wins second term

Somerville In Somerville’s mayoral election, Ward 7 City Councilor Katjana Ballantyne secured 9,997 votes to City Councilor-at-large Will Mbah’s 6,726. This created a margin of victory of 18.27 percentage points. Ballantyne’s campaign overcame several obstacles to victory, nearly losing out in the preliminary election. She was able to move on to Tuesday’s general election by […]

Snapchat implements Run for Office Mini, emphasizes civics

In collaboration with the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement, Snap Inc. has developed the Run for Office Mini, an application built directly into Snapchat to emphasize civic engagement among the app’s users. According to Sofia Gross, head of policy partnerships and social impact at Snap Inc., Snapchat’s Run for Office […]

BREAKING: ECOM announces TCU election results

The Tufts Community Union Elections Commission held a Tufts Community Union-wide election on Tuesday and Wednesday, filling vacant seats in the Committee on Student Life, TCU Judiciary and TCU Senate.  Sophomore Erika Effenberger was elected to the Committee on Student Life. Sophomore Caroline Vandis and first-year Ethan VanGosen were both elected to the TCU Judiciary. […]

TCU Senate elects additional trustee representative

The Tufts Community Union Senate discussed its upcoming retreat and interviewed an additional trustee representative applicant during its meeting on Sunday. After a brief roll call, TCU President Amma Agyei introduced the body’s recently elected trustee representatives, who hold no voting power in the Senate but represent the student body’s interest in trustee meetings. The […]

BREAKING: Somerville, Medford announce preliminary municipal election results

NOTE: All election results are unofficial and may not include final vote totals from absentee, military or provisional ballots. View our full analysis of Tuesday’s preliminary municipal elections. Somerville – Mayoral Preliminary Candidate Votes Percentage Will Mbah 4,498 30.07% Katjana Ballantyne 4,162 27.82% Mary Cassesso 4,083 27.30% William B. Tauro 2,215 14.81% Medford – Mayoral […]

BREAKING: Tufts increases testing frequency to twice weekly for undergraduate students

Tufts announced that all undergraduate students would be tested for COVID-19 twice per week, a departure from a previous policy of weekly testing that had been in place since students began arriving on campus. This announcement was sent via email to the Tufts community and signed by University Infection Control Health Director Michael Jordan and […]