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From Jumbo to Ram: Waldron takes experience from Tufts to NFL

When the stadium lights shut off and the players hang up their cleats for the offseason, there are still plenty of coaches and executives working tirelessly to deliver the fine-tuned product that is the NFL.  For one team, the Los Angeles Rams, a key contributor to the year-round grind is none other than Tufts University […]

The Turf Monster: A heartbreaking, powerful silence

As a sportswriter, college student and resident of the United States and the world, all I can say is: wow. You’ve likely read a thousand times how chaotic and unprecedented these times are. I’m not here to add any sort of exclamation mark to that. I’m here to deliver a sportswriter’s perspective, and to take […]

The Turf Monster: NFL quarterback free agency dominoes

Overly bold NFL free agency predictions? Yes please. We’re staring down an extremely unpredictable free agency period, in which the quarterback class especially shouldn’t fail to shock and awe. We have veterans, youth and everything in between to scratch that quarterback itch for teams across the league. In a special edition of The Turf Monster, […]

The Turf Monster: Your 2021 NBA champions… the Golden State Warriors

Leading up to this year’s hectic NBA season, we saw a major reshuffling of the league’s power dynamics. Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard and many more notable players all switched teams, leaving fans skeptical of the approaching season. The only real constant that people predicted was the continued dominance of the Golden State Warriors. […]

The Turf Monster: Tom Brady and New England — Upcoming Divorce?

Tom Brady: New England Patriots quarterback, Super Bowl winner, future Hall of Famer, greatest of all time, resident pretty boy. The famed signal-caller is entering his age-43 season later this year, and has repeatedly claimed he aims to play until he’s 45. That tacks on another two seasons to what is already a legendary career. […]

The Turf Monster: Los Angeles basketball is overhyped

The seat of power in the NBA is out west. No, not in San Francisco anymore. 2019’s injury-riddled season finale for the Warriors made sure of that. Instead, the throne of NBA brilliance lies in Staples Center, at the heart of Los Angeles, split between two teams. After the summer of 2019 brought Kawhi Leonard, […]

The Turf Monster: Baseball’s bloated contracts are strategic nightmares

Remember when star baseball sluggers Bryce Harper and Manny Machado dominated free agency talk all winter long, waited eons, and finally signed massive, $300 million-plus contracts with the Phillies and Padres respectively? Yeah, me neither. Both teams missed the playoffs and the baseball world moved onto a new pair of million dollar darlings in Gerrit […]

The Turf Monster: The Houston Texans are stuck in futility

Football is over. We have a champion. Andy Reid won his first Super Bowl and cemented his legacy as a Hall of Famer as Patrick Mahomes added yet another accolade to his incredible young career. We should be celebrating these amazing feats in an article like this, right? Wrong. That’s not how we do things […]

The Zone Read: Saying goodbye and a playoff primer

Well, it’s been quite a year, both for the Zone Read and the NFL as a whole. I’d like to thank the league for providing endless content, and the paper for giving me a space to spill all my thoughts to the world. I want to close out coverage of the regular season with a […]

Men’s soccer advances to Final Four of NCAA tournament

This weekend, the men’s soccer team advanced to the Final Four of the NCAA Div. III tournament with back-to-back wins over Washington and Lee University and Conn. College. On Sunday, the Jumbos beat the Conn. College Camels in the quarterfinal game by a score of 3–1. The Jumbos qualified for that Elite Eight match following […]