Aiden is an editor, columnist and podcast producer at the Tufts Daily. He is a junior studying film and media studies and entrepreneurship. Aiden can be reached at [email protected]

The Turf Monster: A symbiotic Suns-Thunder trade

Aiden Herrod breaks down the trade between the Phoenix Suns and the Oklahoma City Thunder that sent star point guard Chris Paul to Phoenix.

The Turf Monster: Fantasy football playoff primer

Read Aiden Herrod's own knowledge and conventional industry wisdom alike to deliver to you the ultimate guide to winning your leagues as we move past the halfway point of the NFL season into weeks which dictate the playoffs for fantasy leagues.

The Turf Monster: 20 NBA players I can’t wait to watch next season

As the days removed the NBA finals have turned into weeks, the time has allowed me to appreciate on an even more fundamental level how much I enjoyed the NBA bubble.

The Turf Monster: How baseball became fun again

Baseball in 2020 was tainted — that is, until the World Series. 

The Turf Monster: Outside-the-box NFL awards picks

The NFL is a team sport first, but the awards at the end of the season are where individual accomplishments are highlighted in the best and brightest players of the league. We’re almost halfway through the season at this point (wow), and I wanted to use some outside-the-box awards picks as a way to shine a spotlight on some of the most exciting or under-appreciated players in this bizarre NFL season.

The Turf Monster: The 14 NBA teams that can win a title in 2021

To fill some of that basketball void that’s been lingering since the finals wrapped up, I’ve decided to look ahead and evaluate what the basketball landscape will look like in 2021. There are some exciting narratives and teams to explore, as well as several key players coming back from prolonged absences.

The Turf Monster: Quarter-season division power rankings

At this point, we’ve seen plenty of trends emerge. The next few weeks are crucial for teams to course-correct on the negative trends and capitalize on the positive ones.

The Turf Monster: My NBA Finals pick

I am firmly and unabashedly proclaiming my love for this Miami Heat team. I have immense respect for well-built, deep and complementary rosters, and the Heat are just that. They bring the energy every night on both ends, and the competition they’ve dispatched to get here is superior to what the Lakers dealt with.

The Turf Monster: Good vibes or bad vibes? NFL 2020 season edition

The 2020 NFL season has brought with it some truly interesting storylines, both on and off the field. Aiden Herrod gives his take on the biggest stories so far this season.

The Turf Monster: A fan’s perspective on sports during a pandemic

When sports shut down in the immediate wake of COVID-19 landing in America, we were all too frantic to really mourn that loss. But as weeks turned into months relegated to isolation and stay-at-home orders, the warmth and excitement of playoff basketball and summer baseball became desperately needed. Now the distraction and entertainment have returned in a way we could never have envisioned back during the rosy times of January and February 2020.