Larry, you got some splainin to do

As this year progresses, I realize more and more how much the Bacow administration reminds me of the Bush administration. No, compassionate conservativism has not run amok on this bleak hill in Medford. However, our administration has modeled its communications strategy after that of our 43rd President. That strategy is simple: tell them nothing. This […]

Fall 03, How Blah You’ve Been

Over this past semester, I’ve used this space to present a critique of goings-on on-campus. But in looking back over the past few months, I’ve realized how little there was to critique. No big scandals, no huge fowl-ups, no snafus, no big debates. Some people might say this is great, that it shows that the […]


There has been a lot of activity lately surrounding this year’s Naked Quad Run (NQR), which is less than a month away. The TCU Senate, Programming Board, and administration have all been working on developing new aspects of the “Nighttime Quad Reception,” including adding a carnival with food and entertainment and “increasing safety precautions.” While […]

It’s Alright for the Right

This semester has seen a lot of talk about the presence of conservative students on campus. By all accounts, the majority of students at Tufts lean to the left, but there is a sizable, vocal conservative minority. As a student who identifies as fairly liberal, I do, for the most part, appreciate the presence of […]

Get Up, Stand Up!

Last week, I had the fortune of volunteering at the CNN/Rock the Vote Presidential Forum at Faneuil Hall. I was amazed by the fervor with which young people were going nuts for their respective candidate, cheering and screaming. I felt proud of the disproportionate amount of Tufts students and alumni who were part of the […]


President Bacow has often commented on the affinity he has for my class, the Class of 2005, as we started our careers at Tufts together in Fall 2001. Now, the members of the Class of 2005 are upperclassmen. Our first two years of nonchalant acceptance are over, and it is time for us to make […]

The law of unintended consequences

When you were a little kid, if you inadvertently caused something bad to happen, you could explain to your parents, “But I didn’t mean to!” And they would say, “Aw, sweetie, we know you didn’t mean to.” And you would get a hug and a kiss and everything would be better. But after age seven, […]

Tracking progress and problems

In the past, I have spoken out on what I feel have been accountability and relevance issues in the TCU Senate. So far this year, the noble institution has yet to make any blatant visible guffaws. In fact, the most visible act of the Senate so far, Fall Ball, was an enormous success. Now, the […]

Senate needs to work on reputation as well as student outreach

This weekend’s senatorial “elections” are the latest in a string of incidences surrounding the TCU Senate that reflect the Senate’s greatest problem: there is little trust or respect for the TCU Senate amongst the general student population at Tufts. The reputation of the Senate is that it is a group of power-hungry, exclusive, elitists, who […]

Argentina crisis prevented professor’s return to campus

Argentina’s economic collapse last month prevented a Tufts professor from returning to campus for the beginning of the semester. Spanish professor Claudia Kaiser-Lenoir returned to her native Argentina to visit family with the plan to re-enter US on Jan. 14, but did not make it back until two weeks later. On Jan. 12, Kaiser-Lenoir received […]