Face it Fletcher: You’re Part of Tufts

In this space, I have previously shared some of my frustrations with the new No Name Café. It has recently been brought to my attention that a group of Tufts students is up in arms about an aspect of No Name Café that I failed to mention. The group is Fletcher students, and their complaint […]

Blind admissions

I understand President Bacow and Dean Coffin’s rationale in composing their Viewpoint yesterday (“Need-blind admissions: Setting the record straight,” March 7) to “set the public record straight” on need-sensitive admissions at Tufts. The fact that this Viewpoint represents one of the only efforts at engagement of either of these administrators into the life of undergraduate […]

Adam Pulver | Unintended Consequences

The end of the semester is here and that means a few things here at Tufts. The library becomes unbelievably crowded (especially when Tisch administrators decide that the Sunday afternoon before the last week of classes is the best time to have a reception for rich people who donated the new ugliest piece of artwork […]

Adam Pulver | Unintended Consequences

This Thanksgiving break in general has confirmed what I have long suspected: I have no home. While I’ve believed the maxim “you can’t go home again” for years and consider the life I lead at Tufts my “home life,” my senior year has changed the situation. Whereas I could comfortably look to returning to Tufts […]

Adam Pulver | Unintended Consequences

I remember the first time I was offered a cigarette. It was in seventh grade. I was walking home from TCBY and saw a girl I knew from school, Susan, standing outside. Susan was the toughest girl I’ve ever met, and still have met to this day. She had transferred to our school after being […]

Adam Pulver | Unintended Consequences

In a little over a week, members of the Tufts community will join millions of others in the Great American Smokeout, a day sponsored by the American Cancer Society focusing on promoting smoking cessation and raising awareness of the dangers of tobacco use. Despite the fact that we have grown up fully aware of the […]

Gay Republicans in Delaware

This sumer, I took part in a fellowship program in New York that drew students from across the country. Towards the end, we had a barbeque in Brooklyn and the conversation turned to politics. In discussing potential vice presidential candidates, Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.) came up. One of my colleagues from the Midwest commented, “Oh, […]

Adam Pulver | Unintended Consequences

Discussions of media responsibility have reached a high in the past several weeks, starting with the CBS News fake document scandal in September, but exploding since “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart appeared on CNN’s show “Crossfire” on Oct. 15. On the show, Stewart criticized hosts Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala for “hurting America” by […]

Adam Pulver | Unintended Consequences

Each year that I have been at Tufts, the same debate has occurred in one form or another on campus. An activist group makes irreverent chalkings, said chalkings are deemed offensive/profane/abusive/improper, chalkings are erased and debated, and there are no consequences because of the protections of free speech and vagueness of any behavior codes provided […]


a The greatest health problem on the Tufts campus is not obesity. Looking at the global “obesity epidemic,” this makes sense. Tufts students are disproportionately from the middle and upper classes, white and educated. We have free access to a gym, a wide variety of nutritious (and not-so-nutritious) foods to choose from on- and off-campus. […]