Abby Stern is a Staff Writer at The Tufts Daily. She is a junior studying political science and women, gender, and sexuality studies. Abby can be reached at [email protected]

What I Wish I Knew: Study abroad equals freshman fall

Three years ago, as a first-semester freshman, I somehow made friends, found my way around a new city, survived living on my own and experienced new classes, all while watching people I knew on social media seemingly have the time of their lives. To be completely honest, it sucked.  Being a freshman is pretty universally […]

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon reflects on his time at Tufts and political journey

The world of state legislative politics is a buffet of issue options. Take a dollop of transportation, a dash of tax policy, a cup of racial justice and a pinch of environmental protection. It is up to the legislator to decide the plate of politics they create in order to maximize the impact they can […]

New faculty member Shterna Friedman shares her passion for political theory

With the start of each semester, Tufts welcomes new faculty who bring their unique and nuanced perspectives into the fabric of Tufts’ academic community. Shterna Friedman joined the Department of Political Science as a lecturer for the 2022–2023 academic year, contributing her specialty in critically examining systems of oppression through the lens of the history […]

Senior Profile: TCU President Amma Agyei reflects on her student government leadership

On the night of the 2021 Tufts Community Union Senate presidential election, Amma Agyei waits at the phone, surrounded by her friends, anxiously anticipating the outcome of her campaign. The phone rings and Amma answers, listening to the call with a blank expression. With all eyes on her, she hangs up the phone and promptly […]

Former Editor-in-Chief Alex Viveros reflects on hardship, joy, community at the Daily

Though many know the saying “jack-of-all-trades, master of none,” when it comes to the Tufts Daily, a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ can be exactly what is needed. When the right kind of hardworking person finds their passion at the right time, mastery comes naturally. Former Editor-in-Chief Alex Viveros has taken on eight different roles over the course of […]

Food, family and community bring Tufts students together to celebrate the Lunar New Year

Many Tufts students celebrated the start of the Lunar New Year on Feb. 1, alongside many other Asian countries and cultures around the world. Though not everyone in these countries celebrates the Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, many communities have adopted their own traditions. At Tufts, many students observe this holiday […]

New think tank ‘The Lantern’ explores the intersection of science, technology and society

Many Tufts students have taken their unique passions and used innovation to create new organizations, and The Lantern is no exception. The think tank, which developed out of a discussion group started by two like-minded students, aims to provide the Tufts community with greater knowledge and awareness of how science and technology intersect with society. […]

Long-running ExCollege course explores meaning of privacy in American law

The right to privacy has been a topic of legal significance since the founding of the United States, and in 2008, Steven Sharobem and Douglas Martland thought a class on the topic would be perfect for the Experimental College at Tufts. Martland said the constantly changing legal status of the right to privacy makes the […]

Student organizations build community for female-identifying students in STEM

Though being a woman in challenging and often male-dominated STEM fields can be difficult, Lazar, Melcher, Scott and Banerjee have found that Tufts is generally a supportive environment that has encouraged their love of STEM. The prevalence of female students in STEM subjects, as well as female professors, increases the students' sense of community and belonging.

Louisa Terrell: From Tufts to the Biden administration

Louisa Terrell, Biden's White House director of legislative affairs, began her career trajectory at Tufts as an American studies major in 1987. “My dearest friends in the world are still the people I met at Tufts,” Terrell said. After graduating and attending law school, Terrell moved to Washington and landed a job in the Obama administration.

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