Abby Stern is a Staff Writer at The Tufts Daily. She is a junior studying political science and women, gender, and sexuality studies. Abby can be reached at [email protected].

What I Wish I Knew: It’s nice not to know things

I started this study abroad journey as a slightly uptight, gently neurotic individual obsessed with learning all the important things I needed to make the most of this semester. Four months later, I am still a slightly uptight, gently neurotic individual who now understands that in order to make the most of studying abroad, it’s […]

What I Wish I Knew: European university calendars are super different

When I applied to study at the Tufts in London Program at University College London, I was made aware that I would have to be in school for two terms. The first would take place January through March and would contain 10 weeks of classes. Then, I would be on break from March 25 to […]

What I Wish I Knew: Moms are meant to be missed

At this point in my adult life, I don’t live with my parents. I haven’t spent more than a month and a half consecutively at their house since before college. So I expected to miss them when I went abroad. In fact, I expected to miss them a little more than usual based on the […]

What I Wish I Knew: There is never enough time and never enough money

If you’re preparing to study abroad, don’t do what I did and make a list of pretty much every single country in Western Europe and say, “these are all the places I want to visit.” That’s unrealistic, and unless the person reading this is Rockefeller himself, it’s not affordable either. That being said, you can […]

What I Wish I Knew: School is hard

Spoiler alert: School is hard. Now, I know that this is a concept with which we, as Tufts students, are most likely familiar. Of course school is hard, classes are time-consuming and papers are tedious. It’s just that, for some reason, I was not expecting this to be the case while abroad. I sort of […]

What I Wish I Knew: Routine? Never heard of it

“Just give it a few weeks, and you’ll settle into a routine.” That’s what I heard my entire first week in London. “It’ll get so much easier once you get your schedule down. Just wait until things get a little less crazy.” What I Wish I Knew: Things will never get less crazy. It’s impossible […]

What I Wish I Knew: Study abroad equals freshman fall

Three years ago, as a first-semester freshman, I somehow made friends, found my way around a new city, survived living on my own and experienced new classes, all while watching people I knew on social media seemingly have the time of their lives. To be completely honest, it sucked.  Being a freshman is pretty universally […]

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon reflects on his time at Tufts and political journey

The world of state legislative politics is a buffet of issue options. Take a dollop of transportation, a dash of tax policy, a cup of racial justice and a pinch of environmental protection. It is up to the legislator to decide the plate of politics they create in order to maximize the impact they can […]

New faculty member Shterna Friedman shares her passion for political theory

With the start of each semester, Tufts welcomes new faculty who bring their unique and nuanced perspectives into the fabric of Tufts’ academic community. Shterna Friedman joined the Department of Political Science as a lecturer for the 2022–2023 academic year, contributing her specialty in critically examining systems of oppression through the lens of the history […]

Senior Profile: TCU President Amma Agyei reflects on her student government leadership

On the night of the 2021 Tufts Community Union Senate presidential election, Amma Agyei waits at the phone, surrounded by her friends, anxiously anticipating the outcome of her campaign. The phone rings and Amma answers, listening to the call with a blank expression. With all eyes on her, she hangs up the phone and promptly […]