Obama and Latin America, part two

    This is the second article in a two-part series about President Barack Obama and Latin America.      My previous viewpoint introduced how the Obama administration faces the arduous and thankless task of resolving enormous national challenges, such as juggling two wars, fixing the sputtering economy, seeking alternative energy sources and revamping the health-care system. […]

Obama and Latin America

This is the first in a two-part series about President Barack Obama and Latin America.  With the inauguration recently behind him, President Barack Obama has a myriad of issues that warrant his immediate attention. He faces an inordinate amount of pressure to fulfill expectations that, while unsurprising, are probably unfair. However, one matter that should […]

Why John McCain lost

    Although the election has only just ended, it is clear why Sen. John McCain lost. It is not because millions of people viewed now-President-Elect Barack Obama as a beacon of hope in a harsh world, or because they thought he transcended ideological, racial and other traditional boundaries, or because countless voters believed that he […]

A realistic look at global warming and the environment

Before you read the crux of this viewpoint, I must point out that it does not contain gaudy statistics to impress you or make speculative claims about the state of the environment in years to come. This viewpoint does not contain lofty ideas about how to fix the problem of increased greenhouse gas emissions into […]

Oster Sachs to leave Tufts

After three years of teaching at Tufts, Roberta Oster Sachs, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Media and Public Service (MPS) program, will be departing the University at the end of this semester. She will assume the position of Associate Dean of External Relations at the University of Richmond’s School of Law. “Teaching Tufts students […]

Will Sophia Gordon shift Tufts’ housing culture?

Tufts’ new Sophia Gordon Hall dormitory was a long time in coming, having weathered a long planning phase and months of stalled talks with Somerville’s Historical Preservation Society. The new dormitory, which will open this fall, makes available 124 additional on-campus beds, intended mainly for students in the roughly 1,200-member Class of 2007. The dormitory […]

When two become one

Members of the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate, Chair of the Committee of Student Life (CSL) Barbara Grossman and Dean of Students Bruce Reitman met in a preliminary meeting Feb. 24 to discuss the issue of recognizing and re-recognizing student groups. Grossman, also an associate drama and dance professor, said the purpose of the meeting […]

Black History Month at Tufts

Groups at Tufts have been sponsoring events celebrating black history since the January birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – specifically the address by Dr. Charles V. Willie, professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, entitled “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Perspectives on War and Peace.” More recently, Onyx, Tufts’ black literary magazine, […]

The history of Black History Month

The celebration of black history began in 1926, when Dr. Carter Woodson, a historian, scholar and writer of black history known as the “Father of Negro History,” started Negro History Week. This period – the second week of February – honored the birthdays of two Americans who were instrumental in ending slavery, Abraham Lincoln and […]

Black History Month ends, but debate over its significance doesn’t

As February – Black History Month – comes to a close, African-Americans at Tufts are weighing in on its changing and continuing significance. Associate Professor of History Gerald Gill, who teaches two courses on African-American history in the United States, said he believes that black history should be part of regular history. “I’m not happy […]

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