Must-see spring 2023 performance arts at Tufts, Part 1

Pictured is Aidekman Arts Center Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
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One of the most important things to do at the start of any new semester is to set your schedule, taking into account classes, extracurriculars, study sessions and many other random little things that will come up when least expected. However, in between all the chemistry labs and philosophy papers, every student should set aside some time for rest and relaxation. And what better way to wind down than to attend one of Tufts’ many performing arts shows throughout the semester?

Below are three greatly anticipated shows coming to the Tufts campus this semester, the driving messages behind them and how and when you can see them for yourself!

“How We Got On” 

ENVISION Black Theater presents “How We Got On,” written by Idris Goodwin, directed by Chance Walker and stage managed by Elias Swartz. 

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In the show, Hank, Julian and Luann are three talented, determined, suburban teens coming of age in the 1980s. Dreaming of fame and fortune in the new hip-hop music scene, they must overcome cultural isolation, familial dysfunction and ruthless rivalries to make the music that defines their lives. A sultry DJ spins their stories with her own meta-theatrical perspective in this contemporary ode to the roots of rap.

ENVISION brings with it Black representation on the stage, allowing Black students on campus to create a production for the culture, by the culture. As Tufts’ newest and only Black student theater group, ENVISION works to center Black stories and arts, so make sure you show up and out for “How We Got On!”

“How We Got On” is showing Friday, Feb. 10 and Saturday, Feb. 11 in Curtis Hall. Tickets go on sale Jan. 31 on TuftsTickets.

Follow updates at ENVISION’s official Instagram.

S-Factor’s end-of-semester showcase

S-Factor is Tufts’ mens’ vocal performance group that specializes in African diaspora music.

This event will showcase all of the best of S-Factor’s music from the entire spring semester. Aiming to happen at the end of April or beginning of May in the Chapel, this show will be free of charge to the community, with no ticket necessary. With spins on some all-time classics and renditions of songs you wouldn’t dream possible, S-Factor’s end-of-semester showcase is one you will not want to miss!

Follow updates at S-Factors’s official Instagram.

“Shrek The Musical” 

Directed by Audrey Sacks, music directed by Matt Torres and stage managed by Nate Hall, Torn Ticket II presents “Shrek The Musical” this April.

This show is the classic story of Shrek reimagined for the stage. The themes are made even more powerful and legendary through the whimsical stage performance of the fairytale! This show emphasizes the importance of shamelessly embracing who you are, and on top of this, embracing others for all their silly quirks too. Love and acceptance of one another surpass our appearances or how we are expected to act. For instance, green ogres can have big hearts despite widespread misconceptions. Additionally, nothing is ever cookie-cutter perfect, and one’s perceived imperfections are exactly what make them unique and beautiful. As the words of “Freak Flag” put it, “what makes us special makes us strong.” This message is exactly what Sacks and crew hope sticks with the audience. Auditions for this musical close on Jan. 31 at midnight.

“Shrek The Musical” hits Cohen Auditorium April 21, 22 and 23 with tickets available on TuftsTickets starting in April.

Follow updates and find more information at Torn Ticket II’s official Instagram.

Be sure to check out all these performances and more to come throughout the semester. From musical theater, a cappella, plays, and beyond, there’s something for everyone in the Tufts community!

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