K-Weekly: Twice’s ‘Alcohol-Free’ will leave you drunk in love

The graphic art for the "K-Weekly" column is pictured. Graphic by Camilla Samuel

The world of K-pop, like most other fields of music, art and life, is unfortunately dominated by male groups and artists, but the women of K-pop never fail to remind us that they earned their right to be there just as much as anyone else. They have been turning out bops since the beginning of K-pop, and every year gives us something new to jam out to. One of the biggest and most well-known groups is Twice

Twice is a nine-member group under JYP Entertainment whose first EP “The Story Begins” and its single “Like Ooh-Ahh” came out in 2015. The members Momo, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Nayeon, Mina, Dahyun, Tzuyu, Chaeyoung and Sana combine their various talents of vocals, dance and rap in order to put out consistent award-winning songs and albums. Over the years, the group has shown a clear ability to pull off many genres and styles, including bubblegum pop, dance, and EDM. Their 2021 mini-album “Taste of Love” is just one of many proofs of their talent. The album’s opening track, “Alcohol-Free” is the topic of today’s article.

“Alcohol-Free,” released on June 9, features dance, electronic and Bossa Nova elements throughout to create a tropical summer feel. The group is well known for its summer hits such as “Dance the Night Away” (2018) and dance-pop tracks such as “TT” (2016). Both styles are mirrored in this new summer single. The girls’ vocals themselves make you want to sway back and forth and move your hips to the smooth beats. 

The song speaks of being so drunk in love with your partner that you need nothing else to feel floaty or happy. Throughout the lyrics and music video, Twice makes comparisons between lovers and alcohols — wine, mojito, pina coladas. As the girls sing about how they “fall deeper and deeper” in love, the music video showcases bright summer colors and refreshing summer drinks to highlight the warm feeling of being with their significant other. The girls explain that they are “alcohol-free but I get drunk” in their relationship, depicting an intoxicating connection that makes them “keep smiling for no reason.”

While the music video brings in the feelings of summer and fun that we all miss after the past two years, the lyrics speak to love and relationships to create the perfect summer romance song. As they say, their love “makes the whole world bright and sunny,” even better than a summer drink. 

As always is the case, enjoying a song by simply listening is one thing, but Twice makes the “Alcohol-Free” experience even more amazing with its music video and choreography. The girls’ smooth, flowing dance moves give the impression that they are truly drunk in love, and their brightly colored clothes make the track a summer single. The lyrics themselves are clever in their wordplay and association, giving another level of appreciation to the production team and artists behind the music. And quite simply, the girls’ vocals are soul-ascending to listen to. So why not get drunk in love with the music of Twice?

You can watch the “Alcohol-Free” music video here.