Love it or haute it: Long jorts

As spring rolls around and we head into summer, everyone’s jorts are coming out. Today, we are discussing the specific category of long jorts. From Gigi Hadid to Cara Delevingne, celebrities have been wearing these to music festivals and on the streets alike. While these celebrities have done a great job rocking this outfit, some people are still very hesitant about long jorts. Beans and Coco discuss the merits of this look.

Beans: I am definitely a fan of long jorts and everything they stand for. Spending a day digging up beets at a farm? Jorts. Want to walk along the bayside with an Australian Shepherd puppy? Jorts. Need to take a special someone out to hibachi? Jorts. They make a bold statement and that statement is “I want to be comfortable and edgy.” The days of jorts being only for hippies selling tie-dye shirts next to Dunkin’ is over. Today, they are for the working mom, the busy student, the BMX rider and also Kendall Jenner. Jorts can come in all shapes, lengths and washes. But I especially respect hand-cut jorts. For me, this can be summarized in one word: craftsmanship. To know that an expert spent time carefully ripping each individual seam to the perfect length of five to nine inches can make all the difference when wearing jorts. They’re casual and bold without  trying too hard. If you’re in need of a way to up your fashion game, jorts could be the perfect thing for you.

Coco: First of all, I do not know about the days of jorts being for hippies selling tie-dye shirts next to Dunkin’ that Beans is referring to. Second of all, long jorts are just confusing in general, and I have a few questions. They are confused about what they want to be:  full-length jeans or regular shorts? Where do we draw the line for what constitutes jorts? When do jeans become jorts? When do shorts become jorts? The distinction is too unclear and confusing to everyone. Also, what type of weather warrants jorts? They are too long for warm weather, yet too short for the cold, so I think that there is therefore no correct time to wear them. The whole concept of jorts is perplexing and there are really no benefits to them. Just wear jeans or shorts and do not confuse the two.

Beans: It’s a pretty clear distinction. Jeans become jorts exactly when the whole kneecap is exposed. If they are between the lower kneecap and mid-shin, you are dealing with capris. I do not believe there is any acceptable occasion for capris, but perhaps that is another week’s column. Below the mid-shin is when you hit full-length jeans. And to answer Coco’s question about weather, long jorts are an appropriate choice in mid to late spring and early to late fall. The sun is out, so you want some skin exposed — but there is still a breeze, so you need a little protection. All in all, I think Coco and I can both agree: whether or not jorts are for you, they are certainly a piece to look out for this spring.