Love it or Haute it: Biker shorts

From the Fashion Nova website to social media influencers’ Instagram photos, biker shorts are blowing up. In this week’s installment, Coco and Beans will decide: Is it Haute or Not?

Coco: You may be asking yourself, “Why wear your athletic undergarments as a fashion statement?” Maybe because we all saw Kim Kardashian in Japan rocking a few different pairs of Yeezy biker shorts, and since then, many celebrities, like Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Baldwin, have added them to their athleisure street-style repertoire. These celebrity looks have proven how cool these biker shorts can be, but there are also a lot of practical reasons to try them out.

Beans:  I’m not really sure what to say about this one, to be honest. I had faith in society. I had faith that individuals would make good choices, smart choices, yet here we are. Biker shorts are an abomination. Biker shorts scare me. Just because Kim K. can pull something off does not (and let me say it louder) DOES NOT mean you can.

Coco: Sure, biker shorts might not be for everyone, but they still have so many benefits. Since biker shorts have their roots in athletic wear, they are still super comfortable and can transition to daily wear. Plus, they match with pretty much anything. Oversized sweatshirt? Turtleneck? High boots? Puffer jacket? Trench coat? Kim Kardashian has rocked biker shorts with all these looks and made it look super cool, and I bet she was pretty comfortable while doing it. I think that biker shorts may be the next leggings, because they share so many of the same great qualities. They both started out in the athletic world and then became daily wear. They both are tight, yet comfortable. They both are versatile, because they both match with so much, and can transition from day to night. So, one day, we may see hordes of college girls going to class in biker shorts instead of their current look of leggings. Instead of Lululemon leggings, Uggs and North Face backpacks, we will see girls walking to class in chunky sneakers, with tiny backpacks and biker shorts. Overall, I think that biker shorts may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they have so many attributes that make them great, and I think that more people should consider trying them out.

Beans: Ok, I get that athleisure is all the rage; everyone is trying to achieve that “just left Orangetheory” look. But biker shorts? All you are achieving with these horrid compression shorts is “I just biked, but not hard enough to break a sweat.”