A Column From a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Episode 11

Wait a hot minute. This is my last column of the semester! I guess time really does fly when you’re talking about what you love. I’d really like to spend this time talking about some hopes I have for the future of this saga. I’ve spent a lot of this column yelling about the past, fans and characters, so I want to keep it consistent.

If anyone ever tells you that Disney buying Star Wars was the death of the series, simply ignore them. It isn’t true, and I honestly believe Disney has some amazing plans for the future. Sure, people may get tired of a Star Wars movie every year (I certainly won’t), but I think after “Episode IX” (2019) comes out, they’ll slow down on production. Regardless, there’s a new live-action show to look forward to, an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie hopefully led by Ewan McGregor and Rian Johnson’s new trilogy.

I think I’m most hopeful for more diversity in the galaxy, both in front of and behind the camera. I want more female characters and more characters of color. Personally, I’d like to see better LGBTQ representation in the films too, which J.J. Abrams said was “of course” a possibility. There’s definite fan support for Finn and Poe to be a couple, so I would absolutely love to see that. I don’t support Rey and Kylo being a couple because I don’t think he’s going to survive “Episode IX,” and I’d rather not see Rey fall in love.

I loved the gray area that “Rebels” (2014–2018) and “The Last Jedi” (2017) explored. The Star Wars saga isn’t always going to be Sith vs. Jedi, good vs. bad, Rebellion/Resistance vs. Empire/First Order. Changes like Johnson’s should be welcomed by audiences. All the uncharted space in the saga is incredibly exciting. We should want to see more relatable characters who aren’t wholly good.

“The Last Jedi” gave us Rey struggling with her identity, Kylo solidifying his destiny and Luke dealing with failure. Luke’s plot was so honest, and while I’m not saying I want to see more failure in Star Wars, I think it would take these characters off pedestals and make them more relatable.

I have many theories for “Episode IX,” but I’m not entirely sure I agree with the popular theory that Rey is going to start a new Jedi Order. That’s well-worn territory, and while Abrams could very well resort to it, I sure hope he doesn’t. Let’s see more stories about people on the edge of the galaxy, not involved in the major wars we’ve seen before. They can be through comics ( the “Darth Vader” comics, which started in 2017, are absolutely perfect), films or television shows. Any medium will work, the point is that this series is so incredibly vast and we need to continue to explore it.

I have so much love for this saga and I’m so thankful I got to share an ounce of it this semester. May the Force be with you, always.