The new moon last week ushered in a new month, and it’s your time to thrive, Aries. Use any aggressiveness that might be stewing inside to square up to your self-doubt, and confront the bad habits that are holding you back from where you need to be. This is your season, Aries, and red is your color. Listen to Cardi B’s “Red Barz” (dropped this Monday) and don’t let anyone dim your light.


As Mercury retrogrades into your sign this weekend, you might be reflecting on your communication patterns recently (or lack thereof). As the end-of-semester hustle kicks up, it is easy to take for granted all those who have helped you along the way. Mercury’s retrograde is not the time for you to presume that people understand the gratitude you feel — you must express it.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, stations retrograde this Sunday, sweet Gemini. You might find yourself being introspective — but avoid passing judgement on yourself. Sit with your self-discovery, but don’t allow yourself to get drawn too far inwards. Get out and enjoy the events on campus: LUX Fashion Show, SURGE conference and TFL Comedy’s standup and sketch comedy show.


How are you healing this week, dear Cancer? It’s time to consider any open wounds you may have and the power you are giving to them. This week should be a time of contemplation and maturation, so make sure you are patient with yourself as you think and grow. Put on the new Father John Misty album, “Pure Comedy” (2017), and invest in your mental, physical and emotional health.


Don’t let yourself get burnt out, little Leo. Your goal-setting and great efforts are coming to fruition, and it can be tempting to go full speed ahead. Do not be afraid to ease off the gas pedal a little, and allow yourself to recharge your energy. A night in with Netflix never hurt anyone; Louis CK has a new special out that is only one hour and 15 minutes — leaving you plenty of time to study.


What have you been working towards recently, lovely Virgo? Tuesday’s full moon might help you find closure, but not without a fight. Stay dedicated to what you hold dear, but keep away from a “shoot first, ask questions later,” mentality. Coming out of the other side completely unscathed might be impossible, but you can at least attempt to emerge gracefully.


Libra, you have been laboring emotionally recently. Ensure that your boundaries are staying intact, and don’t make any compromises without communication. Your needs and wants are valid, darling Libra — advocate for them.


Create the space you need to grow, Scorpio. The moon squaring your ruling planet Mars this Thursday might create urges to toss everything aside and start over. Remember how far you’ve come and how far you still have to go. Recognize what you want for yourself and build it. For a soundtrack to your hard work, check out the Brain Food playlist on Spotify.


Stay patient, Sagittarius. If you’re not seeing immediate results, don’t be “Devastated.” All of your hard work will pay off soon, just take it one day at a time. Visualize your motivation, and keep it in the forefront of your mind these upcoming days.


Keep fighting, young Capricorn. Saturn’s transit this week may find you particularly bogged down, so make sure you’re making time to celebrate your accomplishments, too. Remember that your relationships offer you considerable support, and remember that the people you love make you stronger. Capricorn, you are “Bulletproof.”


What bold moves have you made recently, Aquarius? Change is the name of your game and you might be feeling a little restless this week as your mind and body itch for something new. Try to explore your creativity this weekend, and maybe check out the Matisse in the Studio exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, which opens April 9, for a little inspiration.


You might be feeling Venus’ retrograde into your sign a little rougher than others this week, dear Pisces. As you feel bottled-up emotions and memories of past relationships surface, don’t suppress them. Let your feelings flow — whether it’s dancing alone in your room to Tinashe’s “Flame” (2017), journaling on Tisch Roof or phoning a friend.