Top 10 Snapchat accounts to follow while procrastinating

With the semester entering the final weeks, the usual glut of work is upon us — research papers, problem sets and the always-painful group projects are inescapable this time of the year. Although nearly everyone is trying to complete the piles of homework they’ve been assigned, no end-of-semester study session is complete without a little procrastination. And what better way to not write your history paper than by checking Snapchat! Everyone knows DJ Khaled is a Snapchat all-star (or has he peaked already?), so the Daily has compiled a list of some other worthy accounts to follow:

  1. Kim Kardashian (kimkardashian): It’s worth following Kim just for the glimpses of her husband Kanye West in action — jamming in the car or doing pushups with their daughter North on his back. But Kim’s life also involves some jealousy-inducing vacations (like her current trip to Iceland!), and the shots of beautiful scenery and fancy hotels make her Snapchat a nice bit of escapist fantasy.
  2. Kylie Jenner (kylizzlemynizzl): The youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan has recently been using Snapchat to make some Snapchat movies that are, according to Buzzfeed, “actually genius.” Given that ringing endorsement, how could anyone resist following her?
  3. Chrissy Teigen (chrissyteigen): Teigen is really killing the social media game these days. The internet seems to have collectively fallen in love with the new mother thanks to her very funny, no-holds-barred Twitter account. Her Snapchat is equally wonderful — it features lots of husband John Legend, their dogs and yummy homemade food. The account is definitely worth following just in case Teigen starts posting pictures of her new baby Luna, easily the most genetically-blessed child on this planet.
  4. NPR (npr): NPR’s Snapchat account features insider looks at the NPR headquarters, but the real reason to tune into the account is for the “Meme of the Week” stories posted each Friday. The ever endearing reporter Sam Sanders breaks down whichever meme has gained prominence in a given week (often they’re related to the increasingly loony presidential campaign) and connects the meme to larger, more serious issues or questions dominating the political landscape. 
  5. Gina Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni (hereisgina and justinbaldoni, respectively): Okay, so we’re cheating here — these are technically two accounts, but they are both delightful and essentially serve the same purpose. Rodriguez and Baldoni star on the critically adored CW’s “Jane the Virgin” (2014 – present), which you definitely should be watching if you aren’t already (the first season is on Netflix!) Fans of “Jane” and/or attractive actors should follow Rodriguez and Baldoni to see plenty of castmate banter and scenes from the set. And as an added bonus, Baldoni also regularly features his cute baby and some very intense, very sweaty gym sessions. 
  6. Tufts University (tuftsuniversity): Whoever runs this account seems to be at every cool talk you promised yourself you’d go to but ended up skipping in favor of watching “House of Cards” (2013 – present) in bed. Watching Tufts’ Snap stories can either make you feel guilty for not taking enough advantage of your school or allow you to live vicariously through the mysterious Snapchatter without ever having to leave your room.
  7. The White House (whitehouse): If you’ve never been on a White House tour, consider this Snapchat account an adequate replacement. Plus, the White House Snap stories also take followers along on presidential visits around the country and the world. Expect lots of pretty views, excited crowds and shots of the President and First Lady interacting with children (adorable!) or shaking hands with veterans. Enjoy it before the account changes hands in January 2017 — a Snapchat run by the Trump administration will probably be less charming.
  8. Lauren B. from “The Bachelor” (lauren_bushnell): “The Bachelor” (2002 – present) might’ve finished its run in March, but thanks to the power of Snapchat, fans don’t have to say goodbye to newly engaged couple Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins. Right now Lauren likes to show off both her massive engagement ring and her handsome fiancé, but it’s almost guaranteed that her Snapchat will eventually devolve into a former reality star’s attempt to stay relevant — a descent that will undoubtedly be fun to watch.
  9. Dan Whalen (tfimb): Bostonian Whalen is the creator of the blog “The Food in My Beard,” where he shares recipes that feature twists on classic foods. Follow him on Snapchat for shots of mouthwatering meals that will make your mediocre Dewick salad feel especially sad.
  10. The New England Patriots — or your favorite professional sports team (patriots): There’s nothing better than behind the scenes video of Tom Brady throwing the pigskin around at practice. But, hey, we understand that the world’s greatest quarterback is not everyone’s cup of tea (you’re all just jealous). Check out your favorite professional sports team on Snapchat to see athletes being adorable with children and/or playing a sport.