Style Spotlight: Sophie Krakoff

Sophie Krakoff is a junior at Tufts who talked to me about New York style, and her prized pair of Louboutin’s.

Parker Selman (PS): How would you describe your personal style?

Sophie Krakoff (SK): I would describe my personal style as urban minimalist. I kind of work around five or six staple pieces, which I’ve collected over the years and I build my outfits around them.

PS: What are those staple pieces?

SK: My new addition to my wardrobe are my Yeezys, which I’ll definitely be wearing probably everyday because they are functional but also work for lifestyle purposes. I’ve also been wearing my belt a lot. It’s by the brand B-Low the Belt. I only found it because Kendall Jenner was wearing it a lot; it’s this big belt with two buckles.

PS: Do you have any fashion inspirations?

SK: I really like WeWoreWhat just because [the founder is] from New York and her outfits aren’t super high-key and they’re functional, but also fashionable and chic, and she always looks put together but not fancy or overdone. She has that urban look that I like.

PS: What’s your favorite store?

SK: I really like Blue and Cream in New York. It’s really well curated. They’re fairly small and their aesthetic speaks to me. I’ll go twice a year and stock up. I like the brand The Kooples; that’s where I get all my jackets. I like a lot of French brands: Zadig and Voltaire, Sandro, Maje. I spent a year of high school in France and that really influenced my style because it exposed me to a lot of brands I had never heard of. When I came back, French fashion got really big in America.

PS: What’s your favorite piece of clothing?

SK: I have vintage Louboutin shoes that I never wear, but they’re my most prized possession. I’ve worn them twice. They’re pony hair and intense and five inches tall. I basically can’t walk in them.

PS: Would you consider going into fashion?

SK: I’ve been exposed to a lot of it because my dad is a fashion designer. He was the president creative director for Coach handbags for sixteen years. So I grew up around that industry and it’s definitely sparked a hobby, but I don’t think I would want to go into that. Seeing that side of the industry has made me not want to be in it. But maybe something not on the design side, maybe something more editorial.