Style Spotlight: Adam Hildebrand

Adam Hildebrand Parker Selman / The Tufts Daily

Adam Hildebrand is a junior from Vancouver who sat down to talk about the difference between Canadian and East Coast fashion, Christian Thompson and the difficulty of finding clothing when you’re 6 ft. 7 in.

Parker: Who is your fashion inspiration?

I wouldn’t say I have one fashion inspiration. I think that personally for me because I dress in a lot of different styles, and I don’t have one specific way that I dress; I kind of take inspiration from a lot of people. I follow a lot of style blogs on Instagram and one person is Christian Thompson (christianconfidental), who is a blogger out of Toronto. I’ve actually chilled with him a couple times when I’ve been in Toronto.

Parker: Where are you from and does that affect your personal style?

I’m from Vancouver, Canada. I don’t think that necessarily being from Canada changes my style, but I would definitely say that I dress differently from people here. I’m from the West coast of Canada, so it’s just a different vibe from New England, which is very preppy with lots of polo shirts and Patagonias, and there’s none of that in Vancouver. The way people dress in Vancouver has a younger, more avant-garde vibe I guess. I don’t stick out nearly as much in Vancouver as I do here.

Parker: How would you describe your personal style?

It really depends on what I’m doing. Most of the time I would describe my style as a mix between high-end street wear, but then also a little bit more modern minimalist. I never really wear any color at all. I pretty much go black, grey and white. But I’m really into biker jeans with some rips, long t-shirts, zippers, biker jackets and big sneakers.

Parker: How do you get the energy to put effort into your daily fashion?

Honestly, it doesn’t take that much effort for me. I personally hate shopping, so I buy most of my clothes online. I’m also 6 ft. 7 in. and 250 pounds, so only certain designers and brands fit me, which limits my options. Honestly, I just wake up in the morning, open my closet and everything is black and grey, so everything basically goes. I never take more than 10 minutes to get dressed.

Parker: Do you ever do fashion on a budget?

I get pretty lucky a lot of the time because I’m such a specific size, so a lot of my clothes end up on the sales rack. I also have size 15 feet, which sucks, but the shoes always end up on sale too.