Style Spotlight: Sophie Shen

Sophie Shen poses on the Presidential Lawn. Parker Selman / The Tufts Daily

Sophie Shen is a first-year from Shanghai, China. Sophie has a passion for traveling and a personal flair for fashion. Sophie and I sat down to talk about how her origins shape her style and her favorite stores

Parker Selman: How would you describe your personal style?

Sophie Shen: I would say it’s pretty casual. I just wake up and throw on whatever is in my closet that I feel like wearing.

PS: How do you get the energy to put effort into your everyday outfits?

SS: I guess it’s just a habit of mine. I grew up in a big city, and I feel like in big cities people follow up with fashion information. Just from seeing what people were wearing on the streets would give me inspiration of what to wear. I don’t know, I just don’t feel comfortable if I’m not put together.

PS: Which city are you from and how does that city inform your fashion?

SS: I’m from Shanghai. I don’t think so because Shanghai is such an international city. It’s very cultured and you see everything. Maybe it does, but from my perspective it’s very hard for me to tell if I am influenced by Chinese style, but I think Shanghai’s fashion is probably pretty similar to any large American city.

PS: Has your fashion changed since you got to college?

SS: Not really. I think I’ve kept my personal style. A lot of people have told me that I’m not going to want to dress up anymore because everyone wears T-shirts around, but it doesn’t bother me to spend ten extra minutes every morning to put effort into what I’m wearing. So I’m still keeping up with what I normally do at home.

PS: What are your fashion inspirations?

SS: I read Vogue and Bazaar when I’m traveling and I follow fashion bloggers on Instagram. Sincerely, Jules is the best; she has the best style and she travels all over the place. She’s my favorite blogger.

PS: What’s your favorite brand?

SS: I’ve been really into Rag & Bone recently. Also Acne Studios  you just find beauty in the simplest things at Acne.

PS: Are there any stores you think Boston is missing?

SS: In New York City they have a lot of collection stores like Opening Ceremony. Stores that have Acne Studios, Jacquemus, Rag & Bone and more avant-garde brands so you can browse and get stuff there. I’ve seen a couple stores like this in Beacon Hill, but not as many as there are in New York City.

PS: What’s your favorite piece of clothing?

SS: My Acne Studios black jeans. I actually ripped them recently but I’m still wearing them now. I’ve been wearing them so often that I accidentally ripped them one morning, but I need them so I’m just going to keep wearing them. Also my Stan Smith shoes I’ve been wearing so much; they’re very useful.