Novelist Sommer Nectarhoff prepares for release of latest publication

Senior Sommer Nectarhoff will publish his next novel, a 1300-page tome called "The Death of Ydian" on Dec. 18. Courtesy Savannah Gramann

Senior English major Sommer Nectarhoff has published 14 novels, of roughly 200 pages each, since May 2014. This impressive body of work speaks to an unwavering dedication to his craft (Nectarhoff often writes for 12 hours a day when not in school), but unlike many aspiring writers, Nectarhoff discovered his passion for the written word relatively late.

“I went into college never wanting to take another English class, because I hated them in high school,” Nectarhoff said.

After entering Tufts as a math major, Nectarhoff, in his sophomore year, found himself unhappy with his academic direction.

“I don’t want to do this anymore…I [needed] to find something that I would really like to do with my life,” he said.

Nectarhoff’s realization led him to take a three-and-a-half-year long hiatus from Tufts, during which he studied a variety of subjects, ranging from computer science to ancient Greek at the University of Chicago and DePaul University.

During his break from Tufts, Nectarhoff also studied creative writing and discovered his father’s collection of poetry books.

“My dad had a bunch of poetry books and I started reading them,” he said. “Then I thought that I should probably write a little too, and then it turned into short stories, and then it turned into more than that.”

After discovering his passion for writing, Nectarhoff produced work in a variety of genres before deciding to try his hand at writing fantasy.

“I hadn’t come across many high fantasy series that were focused on…a Greek style pantheon of gods…so I wanted to put that into the high fantasy genre,” Nectarhoff said.

Nectarhoff’s efforts led to the 10-novel series “The Book of Lokk,” which tells the story of a thief “who gets embroiled in a war with the Gods.” To date, the series has received many glowing reviews on Amazon.

Nectarhoff’s latest work is a 1,300 page novel entitled “The Death of Ydain.” It is set in the same universe as “The Book of Lokk,” but fuses Arthurian Romance with Greek mythology and is written in Middle English. It will be released on Dec. 18.

Nectarhoff’s work is available via Amazon.