Top 10 iPhone apps to keep your life from falling apart

It’s officially November. Midterm season feels like it will never end, you’ve lost your binder, or, if you still have it, it’s a complete mess. You probably feel like you will be perpetually behind until finals. Lucky for you, these little things called phone apps are here to help. There are so many organizational tools available for phone, and, though they can pose a serious distraction, they can also help those who need help being organized in order to get through the rest of the semester. Here are the top 10 apps to keep your life from falling apart, in no particular order:

1. iStudiez Pro for iOS, $2.99
This is the only app on this list that isn’t free, but the Pro version is so worth it. It’s essentially a calendar for your classes, but it can easily be synced up to your Apple calendar. There are also options to enter your grades for classes, enter office hours and contact information for professors and set due dates for assignments. The design is geared toward an academic schedule, which is perfect for college students. For the extra three bucks, the Pro version has enough perks to make it worth the investment.

2. Pacifica, Free
This app is perfect for anyone who just needs periodic breathers throughout the day. Pacifica records your mood as often as you want it to (you can set reminders for yourself in the app). It can track how much you sleep and exercise and how much caffeine, water, medication and alcohol you take in, as well as how often you spend the day with your romantic partner, friends or doing something active outside. If you use it for a while, the app will show you correlations between your mood, stress or anxiety levels and other factors in your life, which can be helpful.

3. tv show tracker 3, Free
Don’t be put off by the questionable all-lowercase title; tv show tracker is essential for any serious — or even not so serious — TV-watcher. As you can probably infer from its name, the app keeps tracks of all the shows that you watch and lists when the next episode will air. It provides a convenient schedule of all your shows so that you always know how many episodes of a series you have left to watch and can budget your time accordingly. tv show tracker includes both shows on-air and those that have already concluded.

4. Duolingo, Free
Treat yourself once in a while. Duolingo is a fun and interactive way to start learning another language (looking at all of you who finished your six-semester language requirement or are engineers and secretly wished you had the time to take a language class). Taking 10 minutes out of your day to play games in Italian or Turkish will simultaneously give you a break from studying and also make you feel productive.

4. Google apps for iOS, Free
Maybe it’s because my laptop is broken that I find these so helpful, but Google Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Photos and Drive have been essential to my survival the past two weeks. You can essentially carry all your notes with you and edit them on the go without having to bring out your laptop or run to the library.

5. Wunderlist, Free
Wunderlist is a fancy, aesthetically pleasing to-do list, and everyone needs it. It will change your life.

6. Venmo, Free
It still amazes me that some people don’t have Venmo. It makes paying people back a thousand times easier. Late nights of studying and splitting a huge order of Helen’s can be done with the click of a button.

7. Mint, Free
Mint is an easy-to-use budgeting and financial tracking app that is perfect for college students. You can easily see where your spending is going ($40 a month on Blue Zones?) and use this information to budget your money more wisely or unwisely — whichever you prefer.

8. Find My iPhone, Free
Nothing is worse than losing your phone except losing your phone and realizing you didn’t install Find My iPhone. Just download it. Your future careless self will thank you.

9. GroupMe, Free
This app is for those who are part of a million clubs, all of which have three separate group messages. GroupMe is an easy and efficient way to organize all your group chats so that you never miss anything important.

10. GrubHub, Free
GrubHub is a food-ordering app that is perfect for those who hate talking on the phone or who change their mind on what they’re ordering constantly. All the best restaurants in the area are on GrubHub, and there are often coupon codes available.