Pooja: This week, I am going to indulge in some grandmother-style musings. Rebecca and I are pretty sure that we are turning into old people — while she sits at home watching “Longmire” (2012-present), I watch youths from a distance and criticize their every move. These past few months, I have started to notice a trend that, as an English major and foodie, I am slightly horrified by. Why is everyone all of a sudden against carbs and vowels? This all began when STRFKR came to Tufts for Cage Rage and it took me a solid 10 minutes to figure out what their name was. SBTRKT? MSMR? MSTRKRFT? Did their mothers not teach them how to spell? Did they not go to elementary school? Wht f I jst typd lk ths frm nw on? Would the world be a trendier place? I understand that in food and art and technology, there is a trend toward the minimal. However, grandmother Pooj is not ready to accept an English language without vowels. Sorry, SPZRKT, my answer is no.

Dear NYSD, How do you feel about the new Spotify playlist discoverer weekly?

Pooja: Well, dear anonymous student who is definitely not myself, thank you so much for asking this question! I actually have a lot of feelings about the new Spotify feature — mostly that it is making me feel like I have my own personal DJ (good on you, Spotify). Of course, it is a highly effective marketing tactic — that is, to suggest items the user may like; however, none do it as tastefully as Spotify. Amazon telling me to buy more of that shampoo I ordered last week is nothing compared to Spotify literally creating a soundtrack to my life. This could be grandmother Pooj talking again, but I am convinced that there is someone sitting in the Spotify office individually going through my playlists and picking songs that they believe I’d like. I mean, that’s how these things work right? Sort of like an inside-out style set up for music? But anyway, to answer your question, I feel very many good things about this new feature and I suggest you all try it if you haven’t already.

Dear NYSD, Mets or Yankees?

Rebecca: Here at NYSD we pride ourselves on delivering hard-hitting stories. In fact, NYSD discussed the harmful effects of microbeads before The New York Times!!!! But as a New Yorker, I respect the NYT, and the New York Mets even more. Shea Stadium was my second home when I was a child, and I’m still adjusting to Citi Field, but I have to say that their corn dogs are a home run. As I write this article, we Mets fans are at a precipice. Should the Mets win the National League Division Series, they could face the Cubs in the Championship Series. When you all read this, the fate of the Mets will be decided; but, right now, all I can say is that I am optimistic about the future, and I hate Chase Utley. But back to the question, Mets over Yankees any day.  

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