Top 10 reasons everyone should watch ‘Gilmore Girls’

Almost exactly 15 years ago, a beloved TV show premiered its first episode. Even though “Gilmore Girls” 92001-2007) has been off the air for several years, its presence on Netflix — as well as on cable, thanks to ABC Family reruns — has made it easy for the series to constantly gain new fans. There are so many great things about “Gilmore Girls,” and everyone should watch it in its entirety at some point in their lives, no matter how long it takes to get through all seven seasons. It was difficult to narrow this list down to just 10, but these are the main reasons “Gilmore Girls” holds a special place in the hearts of its fans and why anyone who hasn’t seen it should start watching immediately.

1. It’s such a fall show. Stars Hollow, Conn., where the show is set, is the epitome of a quaint New England town if there ever was one. Beautiful fall foliage abounds — even though the show was shot on sets in California. Plus, fall is all about the transition from summer to winter and the thematically, “Gilmore Girls” frequently deals with difficult transitions in life. And, really, who among us can’t relate to that?

2. “Where You Lead.” By the third episode, you will have the theme song — Carole King’s infectious “Where You Lead” (1970) — memorized and will be singing it loud and proud to the annoyance of everyone around you. Belting out lines like “Where you lead, I will follow / Anywhere that you tell me to” just never gets old.

3. Stars Hollow. This little village is the cutest fictional town to ever exist. It’s small enough that everyone knows each other, and you can’t walk through the town center without running into several friends, neighbors or random acquaintances, which makes for entertaining interactions. You get to meet all the lovely residents, who make you want to move there forever. It’s also the home of Luke’s Diner, which is enough to make anyone want to move there.

4. The characters are all just so human. They all make mistakes, but we can’t help but love them anyway. Nobody is purely good or bad — instead, everyone possesses both positive and negative traits. The writers created fully-developed characters who grow immensely over the course of the show. No relationship or friendship is static.

5.  And relatable. Because of the wide range of personalities on the show, it’s hard to find a character we can’t identify with or who doesn’t remind us of one of our friends. There is the smart, yet naive character, the unintentionally hilarious one and the character who is just so done with everyone around them.

6. Lorelai Gilmore. Lorelaiplayed by Lauren Graham, and her daughter, Rory (Alexis Bledel), are our lovable protagonists. Lorelai cares about Rory more than anything and will do everything she can to help her reach her dream of going to Harvard. She had Rory when she was a teenager and raised her as a single mom, never asking for help from the father, Christopher (David Sutcliffe), or her wealthy parents, Emily and Richard (Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann). Despite not always making the best decisions, Lorelai is independent and strong-willed and makes sure to always be there for Rory.

7. Rory Gilmore. Speaking of Rory, she is simultaneously the most lovable and annoying character on the show. She is kind to a fault, but tends to be a pushover no matter how loudly you yell at the TV screen. Throughout the series, you get to see Rory through high school and college. You see her grow up, and it almost feels as if she’s your little sister — part of your family in the least creepy way possible. You see her become more independent and even resemble Lorelai by the end of the series, which gives the series a feeling of resolution.

8. Kirk Gleason. The funniest character on the show is, no doubt, Stars Hollow resident Kirk (Sean Gunn). It’s hard to explain Kirk, except to say that he is basically the weird uncle of the Stars Hollow family. Everything he does is hilarious, and so his presence is a nice reprieve from the familial and romantic drama that comes with the Gilmore girls.

9. Rory’s independence. (Warning: major spoilers ahead) Rory has multiple boyfriends on the show, including Logan (Matt Czuchry), who she dates in the show’s final seasons. The show ends, however, with Rory’s graduation from Yale and her rejection of Logan’s marriage proposal. This was a much-applauded step for Rory, who had a tendency to let her relationships have a disproportionately large influence on her decisions — academic or otherwise. Though fans still dispute which boyfriend was the best for Rory, what really matters is that, ultimately, she forges her own path and doesn’t tie herself down to a man.

10. The mother-daughter relationship. Last, but certainly not least: the relationship between Rory and Lorelai is the most compelling part of the show. They are not only mother and daughter but are also each other’s best friends. They understand each other better than anyone in the world. The two Gilmore girls are always there for each other — even when they fight (and fight they do). Their relationship is an inspirational and emotional one and stands as one of the best to ever grace a television screen.