The Daily Arts section joins Cymbal

If you’re one of the tech-savvy folks who have been keeping up with the latest trends in social media, you’ve probably heard of Cymbal, an up-and-coming music discovery app created by former Tufts students Gabriel Jacobs (A’15), Amadou Crookes (A’15) and Mario Gomez-Hall (A’15). Often referred to as Instagram for music, the app lets users share the songs and artists they’re into with all their friends. Scrolling through the Cymbal newsfeed, users can see high-quality images of album artwork and listen to the shared songs.

We at the Daily Arts section strive to be the hippest members of the Tufts Daily community and, thus, have created our very own Cymbal account! It is our hope that we’ll be able to use the app in a wide variety of ways, from sharing the albums we review, to highlighting upcoming concerts in the Boston area. It’s hard for readers to engage with reviews when they are unfamiliar with the music being discussed, so adding an auditory component should make engagement a lot easier. Furthermore, there are a multitude of exciting musical events that we are not able to cover, which we can easily share on Cymbal with a click.

Recently, the Cymbal team has made a push to involve college communities by creating its College Radio vertical, where student DJs from various stations — like Middlebury’s WRMC, Yale’s WYBC, UT Austin’s KVRX and Tufts’ own WMFO — can share their tastes and radio shows. According to the Cymbal creators, College Radio vertical is a conscious effort to include more alternative and emerging music on their app, since college radio historically has popularized many artists. We have a similar goal of including more local and underground artists, so we’ll also be sharing the music of bands who are coming to Tufts through DIY student booking groups like Applejam and Midnight.

Since this is all a work in progress, we would love any suggestions from the Tufts community about how to better our venture onto Cymbal. In the meantime, go follow us on Cymbal @dailyarts!