Rachel Sheldon delves into theater community at Tufts

Sheldon performed the role of Cinderella in last semester's production of "Into the Woods." Orlando Economos for The Tufts Daily

Junior Rachel Sheldon may be double majoring in history and psychology, but outside of class, much of her time is devoted to the arts. She has been a member of Pen, Paint & Pretzels (3Ps) — Tufts’ umbrella theater organization — and Torn Ticket II since her first year at Tufts. Sheldon started out as a costume designer for the first-year production “Lend Me a Tenor” (1986) in the fall of 2013. This year, she is in Torn Ticket II’s fall major production, “Little Shop Of Horrors” (1982), and serves as the club’s secretary.

Sheldon’s involvement in theater began in middle school and high school, where she participated in various school productions. She also attended the French Woods theater program, an intensive three-week performing arts camp located in Hancock, N.Y. 

“I love performing…especially here; the people who do theater at Tufts are so much fun,” Sheldon said. “It’s an incredible environment, and we spend so many hours together that everyone just becomes really close.”

In addition to her theatrical pursuits, Sheldon is a member of a cappella group Enchanted and was the group’s music director for a year and a half. Sheldon also expressed her longtime love for vintage and historical fashion.

“I can get really really nerdy about it,” Sheldon said. “I feel like the first thing that started it was my American Girl doll because I had one of the historical ones, and she had really cute dresses. And I was like, ‘Wow, these are way nicer than dresses that people wear now!’”

Sheldon will star as Chiffon in “Little Shop of Horrors” on Nov. 5 and 6 at 8 p.m. in Cohen Auditorium.