Chelsea Newman pursues love of art all the way in Italy

Chelsea Newman hopes to spend next semester abroad, focusing on her development as an artist. Courtesy Chelsea Newman

Chelsea Newman — junior, advocate for peace and justice on a global scale and a proponent of a healthy community — has a major interest, and a declared minor, in art.

“I am trying to find a way to combine my interest in social justice and art, and still make money,” Newman said with a half-chuckle.

Newman began her search for a career to combine her interests this past summer through an internship with the Somerville Community Corporation (SCC). The SCC is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the local community through job placement, affordable housing development and community organization. Chelsea served as a graphic design intern. Her duties included designing logos, various communications tasks and creating a 12-foot banner used to advocate for jobs in Somerville, of which the local mayor was very fond. She enjoyed her time at the SCC, and the job has solidified her interest in the field, which she hopes to pursue after graduation.

In the spring Chelsea will be jetting off to Florence, Italy for the Syracuse studio art program which focuses on cultural immersion, creative growth and most of all, “arte!” In the immortalized words of Lenny Kravitz, Chelsea explained “I want to get away, I want to fly away,” citing her desire to take a break from her life here in Medford, and focus solely on art. Newman is one of many in the Tufts community to advocate for the university offering a major in art separate from the SMFA program. She hopes to get this experience in Italy, at least for a semester.

“I love wine, cheese, paintings, sculptures,” she said. “Italy — it was an easy choice.”