Rachael Jackson blends best of Tufts and SMFA

Though Jackson is passionate about art, she does not plan to pursue it as a career. Courtesy Rachael Jackson

Fifth-year student Rachael Jackson may become the most artistic doctor in the country. Pursuing a pre-med track like many of her fellow Jumbos, Jackson’s dual enrollment with Tufts and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) sets her apart, giving her an in-depth knowledge of many aspects related to the arts and sciences.

“I’ve always really enjoyed art — my mom’s an artist,Jackson said, elaborating on her background in the arts and why she wanted to study at the SMFA. “I thought it was a really fun, cool thing to do. And hopefully I will be the only student applying to medical [schools] with a [Bachelor’s in Fine Arts]!”

Jackson also noted certain differences between SMFA students and Tufts students. People at the Museum School tend to be more focused on developing their personal style but are less interested in academic pursuits, according to Jackson. At Tufts, on the other hand, she has noticed more academic structure, but also more freedom to explore.

I … get a real kick out of taking art classes [on the Medford campus], because it’s such a small thing at Tufts, but there are so many people at Tufts who are really talented,” she said.

Jackson also discussed how the SMFA has shaped her life, even teaching her how to use art as stress relief. She has had the chance to explore various types of art, from bronze casting to book making. And while making art for profit would “kill the fun” for Jackson, she still enjoys it on her own terms.

Whatever she decides to do in the future, her unique undergraduate experience will definitely inform and enhance her life.

“It’s so much fun,” she said of her time at Tufts and the SMFA. “I’ve gotten to do so many great things.”