Sophomore Isha Patnaik takes a leap into the world of comedy

Major: Undecided provides an open, enthusiastic space for budding comedians. Nisha Bhikha courtesy Isha Patnaik

If you told sophomore Isha Patnaik two years ago that she would be a part of a huge sketch-comedy collective in college, she likely would have “lol’d” (or “laughed out loud”). Since becoming a Jumbo, however, Patnaik’s involvement with the sketch comedy group, Major: Undecided, has become a quintessential part of her Tufts experience.

“It’s the one thing in college that kind of defined my experience,” Patnaik said.

As a freshman, Patnaik was pulled into the world of Major: Undecided because of her love for sketch comedy shows like “Saturday Night Live” (1975-present), and more importantly, the group’s overwhelming inclusiveness and support. Both comedy veterans and newbies share the creative space and stage in Majors, so students like Patnaik — who does not come from a comedy or theater background — felt like they could try their hat in the world of sketch comedy.

“It’s been one of those things that you didn’t think you were capable of,” said Patnaik, “but you meet up with these people and they’re really serious about making people laugh.” Patnaik has attributed her success and love for sketch comedy to the vast support system of creative and passionate students that Majors has afforded her.

Now one of two PR directors for the group, Patnaik said she’s still learning.

“With creating stuff comes paralyzing insecurities … but I am a part of a group that wants me to succeed,” she said.

Check out Major: Undecided at their upcoming show in Barnum 008 on Oct. 10 at 9 p.m.