The Artsy Jumbo | Girltalk influenced, Andrew Dempsey makes fresh music mashups

Earlier this week, Tufts University Freshman Andrew Dempsey released his debut EP online under his pseudonym, Kimbo Slice. Dempsey works with mash ups and his six-track release shows his impressive talent and ear for unique mixes.

Dempsey explained that Girltalk, the popular mash up artist and performer, has been a big inspiration for him. While he has been making tracks since high school, it wasn’t until he saw Girltalk live a year ago that he started taking his work seriously.

Though he doesn’t think his music will ever be his career, he enjoys it and puts quite a bit of effort into picking the right songs with whichto create his tracks.

“Generally, I go for the unexpected with my songs. I try to combine two songs that you wouldn’t think would go well together but then do,” said Dempsey. Dempsey tries not to stick to any one genre of music with his mash ups, but he does favor pop and rap songs. Mostly though, he just combines songs he believes will go well with each other.

The style of Dempsey’s music makes it great for gearing up for a party due to its high energy, unexpected turns and strong beats.

With the completion of his first EP, Dempsey plans to continue to work with his music with the hope of releasing another album and eventually doing some live shows.

His debut EP, titled “On the Rise,” can be obtained as a pay-what-you-want download from the site This EP is definitely worth checking out.