Did the butler do it?

It’ll be hard to pass up this killer production.   

Pens, Paint and Pretzels (3Ps), Tufts’ premier student theater organization, presents a production of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” tonight at the Balch Arena Theater. With a classic blend of hidden identities, dinner parties convened under false pretenses, a wet bar, and a butler, this iconic British mystery is sure to please.   

Sophomore Katie Welch directs the performance, and says she chose the play because it was one of her favorite stories as a child.   

 “I’ve always really enjoyed murder mysteries in general,” Welch said. “I think this play will appeal to a wide audience — you don’t necessarily have to be into theater.”   

The play runs a fast-paced 80 minutes and follows a group of seemingly unconnected civilians all brought to an island resort by a mysterious host. Upon their arrival, all of the guests are accused of committing different murders in unusual ways — then they collectively discover that there is no boat to escape their isolated resort. Any and all sleuthing must be done within the confines of the island, and it must be done quickly.   

The cast is mostly comprised of underclassmen, all of whom work together extremely cohesively. The dark costumes and set, in addition to suiting the subject matter, preserve the individual characters’ abilities to morph into different personalities, keeping the audience on their toes with every line.   

“And Then There Were None” runs tonight at both 7 and 9:30 pm in the Balch Arena Theater. Tickets are free.