Jaffar Mahmood, who was featured in last week’s Weekender Interview, knew he wanted to make movies a long time before he even began writing the script for what would become “Shades of Ray,” which screened last night in Braker 001. The film was written, directed and produced by Mahmood, and for this Daily reporter, redefined what could be qualified as “Indie” film.
    The movie is based around the love life of Ray Rehman, a 20-something Tufts Grad living in LA attempting to make it as an actor, and the influence his ethnicity exerts on his romantic choice. Ray’s father is Pakistani and his mother is a white Catholic, leading him to question his choice to marry a white woman when another ethnic female “mutt,” as he calls it, comes into the picture.
    While the issues of race are openly addressed throughout the film, the story is, at its most basic level, a romantic comedy of epic proportions. Not only must Ray figure out how he identifies himself, but he must also decide how big a role race can truly play in his love life. Ray is played to perfection by Zachary Levi, best known  for his role as Chuck on the NBC show of the same name.
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