The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate announced the selection of new senators during its weekly meeting in the Sophia Gordon Multipurpose Room yesterday evening.

TCU President Joe Thibodeau, a senior, announced that juniors Gordon Silverman and Robert Joseph would begin serving as junior class senators immediately. Additionally, junior Andrew Nu?±ez will begin serving as the Latino community representative and senior Grainne Griffiths will begin serving as the Women’s Center community representative. 

“This position has usually been filled by very strong members of the community, and I hope to continue that trend,” Nu?±ez said when Thibodeau announced his selection.

According to Joseph, no elections were held as all of the positions were uncontested. He explained that both a junior and a senior senate seat were open, but because no senior submitted enough signatures to be placed on a ballot, the seat fell to the junior class, allowing him and Silverman to avoid a head-to-head election.

Freshman Jessica Howard, junior Solana Davis and freshman Arturo Mu?±oz