Alex’s Place:  The library roof, dedicated to a former Tufts student, Alex Mendell. Go here for a stellar view of Boston’s skyline for a photo opportunity. You can even use it as a place to study when the sun is out since it has outlets.
Brown and Blue:  Perhaps one of the most unfortunate combinations of colors a school could have. Legend has it that students were given the freedom to choose Tufts’ colors and since they thought it was a joke, they selected this odd combination of sky and mud. Maybe it means that Tufts kids are down to earth?
Bubs: Short for the Beelzebubs, the all-male a capella group on campus. Correct pronunciation: Bee-el-zuh-bubs, emphasis on the ‘el.’
Boston accent: When losing your khakis really sounds like you lost your car keys.
Cookie Guy:  John Piermarini, founder of Sweet Idea. Those people riding around campus in orange jumpsuits are, in fact, selling cookies – until 3 a.m. Your mouth will be watering for more once you try the snickerdoodle, and you can even order them for delivery by texting 424-241-2825. What a sweet idea.
Daily: The independent student newspaper that is ranked No. 12 college newspaper in the nation by the Princeton Review. Tufts is the smallest research university to have a daily newspaper.
Ex-College:  Where all the interdisciplinary classes are organized if they are not under the umbrella of a major … yet. Topics of upcoming classes this semester range from Harry Potter to rape aggression defense to marketing.
GoSafe:  The system that allows you to call campus police if you’re feeling unsafe late at night and want a walk or ride back to your dorm. Call 617-627-3030 and leave your information.
Hill Hall: So uphill, it’s downhill. You’ll get it soon, especially if you live there.
iSIS: The Integrated Student Information System, launched earlier this year, supposed to streamline all student information for every Tufts school. Easily register for classes view your schedule or bills at this online portal. Or, not so easily. You decide.
Jumbo:  Tufts’ mascot, Jumbo the elephant, is the only mascot to appear in Webster’s Dictionary. Jumbo was a male African elephant that belonged to P.T. Barnum. When a train hit Jumbo in Ontario, Canada, Barnum donated the elephant’s hide, which was eventually put on display in the Barnum Museum of Natural History (now Barnum Hall). After a fire at Barnum Hall in 1975, Jumbo’s ashes were put in a peanut butter jar, and athletes have been rubbing the container for good luck since 1975.
Joey: Short for Joseph’s Transportation, the buses that run from Davis Square and back to campus. Seldom on time, but extremely useful when you need to get off campus in a hurry … or if you’re lazy and don’t want to walk uphill.
LCS: Short for the Leonard Carmichael Society, the umbrella organization for community service at Tufts. With 32 different programs and approximately 1200 volunteers annually, you’ll be able to find your niche here.
Moe’s: The popular spot for a quick late-night bite on weekends, “Moe’s BBQ Trolly” at the corner of Professor’s Row and Packard Avenue, serves burgers, hot dogs and so much more.
Purple Hallway: A popular meeting spot in Tisch Library – just walk past the initial reference books and the first few hallways of four-person tables. No promises about how much studying you will get done here.
Rape Steps.  The steps at the intersection of Winthrop Street and Capen Street. Legend has it that there was a competition for the engineers on campus to design a set of steps for this hill so that women could use the stairs to get back on campus more easily than men could, thereby avoiding harassment.
TEMS:  Tufts Emergency Medical Services, providing prompt and emergency medical attention to the Tufts community since 1985. Students can become a member of the team once certified as Emergency Medical Technicians. How does one use it in a sentence? “She got TEMSed, dude!”
Trick turn:  Head over to Hodgdon Hall and down the stairs to Hodgdon Good-to-Go to get free snacks (for those of you with unlimited meal plans) after you swipe in for a meal at Dewick-MacPhie Dining Center or Carmichael Dining Center. Yum.
TUPD: Tufts University Police Department. Yes, we have our own!
Ultimate:  Ultimate Frisbee. Join the team, or throw around with your friends on the quad.
Varsity athletics:  Is that something that exists here? Yes! The softball and field hockey teams both won the NCAA Divison III Championship this year.
Walnut Hill:  In other words, the hill you climb up and down all day on campus … Get used to it, even though nobody uses its actual name.
YOLO: You Only Live Once. The Admissions Department has a brand new supplement question for Class of 2018: What does #YOLO mean to you?
Zip code: Campus is split into two zip codes. Depending on where you are you could be in 02155 or 02144. Pay attention if you really do want to get those care packages from home!
 Editor’s note: This article contains information used in previous Matriculation issues.