A look for every major

Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you’re too old to dress up for Halloween. However, if the usual ghost, witch and vampire looks aren’t for you, the Daily has researched costumes for different majors and how to find them.


After taking Prehistoric Archaeology you know that those cave men and cave women had it pretty well when it came to clothing. To copy their fashions, dress in cave dweller suits, found at the Halloween Costume Boutique. Or just go down to Goodwill in Davis and find a leopard patterned sheet. Pick up a piece of bark to use as a bat and you’ll look like you should be hunting and gathering.

>American Studies

To get a BA in American Studies you need to understand Native American dress. Halloween serves as the perfect opportunity to buy that Indian headpiece. Indian princesses can visit Trashy Lingerie to get the perfect suede set while Indian chiefs can look at Boston Costume for ideas.

Comparative Religion

Although you may not want to take the oath of abstinence, you can still look like a priest or nun this Halloween. The Halloween Boutique offers various priest and nun costumes. If you’re on a budget, to become a priest, wear black slacks and a black dress shirt, make a collar out of construction paper and carry around some rosary beads. Buy Costumes also proposes a humorous approach with their pregnant nun costume as well.


What is education without its students? Trashy Lingerie offers the sexiest school girl outfits. Or for a humorous approach, dress as your favorite professor and see if your friends can guess who you are.


Show off what you learned in Microbrewery Engineering this Halloween in your very own Beer costume sold at Buy Costumes. If you don’t feel like spending that much, be creative: make a hat out of a 30 rack box and use the caps of the beer can to make a styling necklace. For all those engineers who took Gourmet Engineering, Boston Costumes offers food costumes such as Candy Kisses and Bananas.


Whether you’re in a fraternity or you’re actually majoring in Greek, the toga is the costume for you. The best part is the ease. Simply go to Goodwill in Davis Square, pick up a sheet, tie a knot and voila! You are instantly transformed into a Greek God. To become a sultry Greek Goddess, make a two piece toga outfit. Tear the sheet in half using the first half as a mini skirt. Tie the second half as a top. Throw on some gold earrings and you’re set.


With a concentration in Japanese you can delve into the culture through kimonos and chopsticks. The Halloween Boutique supplies sexy Geisha Girl and fierce Black Ninja costumes. If you want to hide that freshman fifteen, try out the Inflatable Sumo wrestler costume.

>Occupational Therapy

After taking Occupational Therapy 102 (Gross Anatomy) you probably feel the need to show off what you’ve learned about the human body. Show your friends what a penis looks like with Halloween Unlimited’s Big Jim costume where your body becomes a penis and your feet become balls. You can also pretend you are a penis in the six foot condom costume supplied at Nawty Things.


Pre-Med students can play into their dreams this Halloween by dressing as a doctor or a sexy nurse. Boston Costume offers great surgeon outfits while Trashy Lingerie and Buy Costumes offer numerous naughty nurse outfits.


Se?±oritas can practice being Latin sensations in Trashy Lingerie’s sultry Samba girl outfits. Se?±ores can become bullfighters with a red sheet or become actual bulls! Nawty Things offers a full piece adult bull costume.

>Where to go:

Boston Costume: 69 Kneeland Street (617) 482-1632

Buy Costumes: www.buycostumes.com

The Halloween Costume Boutique: www.halloweencostumeboutique.com

Halloween Unlimited: www.halloweenunlimited.com

Nawty Things: www.nawtythings.com

Trashy Lingerie: www.trashylingerie.com