Seven Questions with Bryan Griffin

Full name: “The Franchise” some call me Bryan Griffin

Birth Date: Aug 9, 1983

Zodiac sign: Leo the Lion

Hometown: West Islip, LI… Long Island should be its own state

Nickname: the franchise, Griff, E.D. Griffin, Don Calzone

Favorite Athlete: Ron Jeremy/Ron Artest for practicing so hard

This week’s Seven Questions almost did not go down because sophomore Bryan Griffin’s responses were lost through email. Thankfully I happened to be dreaming of the possibility that Carmichael would be serving chicken patties, so I walked over with high hopes. Although I was completely let down as they were serving some chicken sandwich that did not appeal to my taste buds, I did run into this week’s interviewee, as he was exiting the dining facility. He re-answered the questions and I must say his mind functions in an interesting fashion, as you will see from his answers below. Griffin leads the lacrosse team in scoring through last Tuesday with 14 points in three games. Some may recognize Griffin as the laid-back dude with the Long Island accent, but unless you follow the lacrosse team you might not know that he was last season’s NESCAC rookie-of-the year. Griffin is also this week’s Tufts Daily Athlete of the Week for his performances over the first three games of the season.

1. In only 17 games played in your career, you have managed to score 58 points, how do you score with such ease?

It’s simple, I’m from Long Island. These Mass clowns can’t play D. Really, I don’t care about getting hit and knocked down at all. Scoring is about attitude.

2. I had journalism class with you last semester, where you wrote a heartfelt piece about the movie Jackass. What is your favorite antic?

Well, it’s one that I’m going to see very soon. A certain kid on the most savage team on campus wants a dart thrown at his bare ass. Also, Steve-O eating yellow snow has nothing on this person.

3. I asked associate editor Ethan Austin for help on a question and he said “I don’t know much about him except that he gets a lot of women.” Does Ethan paint an accurate picture?

I hold my own. With a few drinks in me, your sisters, mothers and grandmothers aren’t safe. I’m one of the reasons girls are afraid of the DU basement.

4. I always see you wearing T-shirts and sandals. What kind of hippie are you?

I’m a surfer. That’s my style. I’m burnt out from the sun, not from being a hippie.

5. What is your favorite sorority and why?

Chi-O. Taylor baby, stop by again really soon so we can have some more fun. Seriously, those girls are pretty hot, especially the pledges.

6. What type of ill exploits did you get into over spring break?

Hmmmm…hung out in Springfield, Mass. with a bunch of bitter lax dudes. I didn’t see a single woman, Tufts girl or otherwise, for a solid seven days. Really awesome time. Probably got as many women as you did on your spring break though.

7. It seems I didn’t ask you anything about this lacrosse season, so what can we expect from the squad?

Scoring a lot, diving, taking kids to brown-town…yeah, that will work both on and off the field.

by Elliott Wiley, Jr.