By advertising in the Daily, you are reaching an audience of thousands of Tufts students, faculty, staff and community members. Whether online or in print, an ad in the Daily is one of the best ways to connect with the Tufts community.

Founded in 1980, the Daily is written, produced and edited by a staff of over 100 students at Tufts University. The Daily is the only student newspaper at Tufts and serves as the school’s primary forum for news, opinion, and discussion.

1,025 copies are distributed free of charge throughout the Medford-Somerville, SMFA, and Medical School campuses Monday through Thursday, and we publish online content five days per week and whenever warranted by breaking news.

Our pricing and some popular packages can be found below. To place an ad or if you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].

Print Advertising 

Individual Advertisements

Size Dimensions On-Campus Rate Off-Campus Rate
1/8 Page 4.9 in. X 3.9 in. $95 $100
1/4 Page 4.9 in. X 7.7 in. $125 $150
1/2 Page 10 in. X 7.7 in. $175 $280
Full Page 10 in. X 16 in. $280 $450
Back Page 10 in. X 16 in. $350 $550

Bulk Advertising Packages (On-Campus Rate)

Size Five Ads Ten Ads
1/8 Page $425 $810
1/4 Page $550 $1000
1/2 Page $760 $1435
Full Page $1200 $2240
Back Page $1500 $2750

Flyer Inserts – $220 for a full page flyer inserted into every print copy of the Daily

Online Advertising

Online Advertisements are priced by Impression (Number of people exposed to the Advertisement)

5,000 Impressions $60
10,000 Impressions $110
20,000 Impressions $200
30,000 Impressions $270
50,000 Impressions $400

Click here to view our online classifieds section. These classifieds run exclusively online. Printed classifieds run separately. Please contact the business team if you would like to run a classified ad in print.

Podcast Advertising – NEW!
Default Size Option – square ad on the right of desktop pages and in the middle of mobile pages

20 second audio advertisements – $50

Send us a script you’d like us to read!

Ad breaks in the beginning and the middle of our bi-weekly podcasts: The Rewind, Tufts Daily 360, A Blight on the Hill, Love is Dead at Tufts, and MORE!

All of our podcasts are available on Spotify

Popular Packages

Prices listed are the off-campus rate

  1. 1 Week Blast! – 10,000 digital impressions, 20 second podcast ad, and an entire week of 1/8 page ads = $199
  2. Podcast/Web Combo – 2 20 second podcast ads and 5,000 digital impressions OR 1 podcast ad and 10,000 digital impressions = $99
  3. The Works – 4 1/4 page ads, 3 podcast ads, and 10,000 digital impressions = $399
  4. 1/4 Page Package – 8 1/4 page ads anytime (5,000 digital impressions included free of charge) = $499
  5. 1/2 Page Package –  4 1/2 page ads anytime (10,000 digital impressions included free of charge) = $699
  6. Full Page Package – 4 Full page ads anytime (20,000 digital impressions included free of charge) = $1,299

Graphic design services and custom packages are also available!

Please contact [email protected] with questions or orders.