Intentionality and Inclusivity Committee

The Tufts Daily’s Intentionality and Inclusivity Committee (I&I) is a space for leaders and analytical thinkers who aim to hold the Daily accountable to fair and equitable representation of the Tufts community. Independently-run from the managing board of the newspaper, this committee offers a unique space to discuss pertinent issues of our time related to current media content. Throughout the year we’ll be planning internal trainings, staff-wide surveys and an annual conference on the ethics of media. We want to foster exploratory discussions on social justice issues, oppressive sociopolitical structures, and problematic language in our publication and within our newsroom. Our publication is one of the largest and most-widely read platforms on campus—how can we use that privilege to amplify the stories and perspectives of POC, transgender people, first-generation students, students with undocumented status and other marginalized voices on this campus?

Each semester, the entire Masthead changes and the Daily gains new leadership. I & I has been led by the same people through many turnover periods and is able to comment on the trajectory of the paper over time. We’re working to build better institutional memory and recognize how the paper’s history informs its present status.

Throughout the year we’ll be creating internal trainings, staff-wide surveys, a style guide update, and an annual conference on the ethics of media. We’ll be having regular conversations about the internal biases of the Daily, and publishing content about our thoughts.

We welcome every member of the Tufts community to join our meetings. Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] if you’re interested in getting involved. Our meetings are on Sundays at 3:30pm in the Daily Office below Curtis Hall.

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Committee Members: Sofie Hecht, Nina Joung, Alex Lein, Issay Matsumoto, Arman Smigielski, Nikhil Srinivasan, Shirley Wang.