The Tufts Daily is the student-run daily newspaper of Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. A financially independent organization, the Daily (as it is known on campus) runs op-ed pieces submitted by students as well as traditional news, arts, and sports articles covering both the Tufts campus and the greater Medford/Somerville/Boston area. The Tufts Daily runs a printed, daily newspaper delivered each morning to various locations on the Medford campus as well as a consistently updated online webpage devoted to upholding its motto: “Where you read it first.” Founded in 1980, the Daily has served as a forum for many undergraduate students who went on to prominent positions in many distinctive careers. Notable Tufts Daily alumni include: Karen Epstein, an associate producer for Dateline NBC, Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay, Caroline Schaefer, an executive editor of Us Weekly, and many others.

Read about our ethics in practice committee and our ongoing institutional review projects here.

The Daily is currently led by the following individuals:

Editor-in-Chief: Elie Levine

Managing Editors: David Levitsky and Anita Ramaswamy

Production Director: Daniel Montoya

Associate EditorLuke Allocco

Executive News Editor: Jessica Blough

Executive Features Editor: Grace Yuh

Executive Arts & Living Editor: Libby Langsner

Executive Sports Editor: Arlo Moore-Bloom

Executive Opinion Editor: Aneurin Canham-Clyne

Executive Investigative Editor: Daniel Nelson

Executive Photo Editor: Madeleine Oliver

Executive Video Editor: Caleb Martin-Rosenthal

Executive Graphics Editor: Isabella Montoya

Executive Copy Editors: Myshko Chumak and Justin Yu

Executive Layout Editors: Ryan Eggers and Catalina Mengyao Yang

Executive Social Media Editors: Esra Gurcay and Rebecca Tang

Executive Business Director: Olivia Davis

Executive Online Editor: Deepanshu Utkarsh