On The Spot: Who’s favored in Russia?

The short answer, despite the usual media hype in England, is: No, not the Three Lions. We’re slightly less than two months out from the opening game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, when hosts Russia play Saudi Arabia on June 14 in Moscow. Ultimately, you’d expect most of the usual suspects to make it […]

Tufts Creatives: Shining stars

As my first year draws to a close, I want to use the final edition of “Tufts Creatives” to reflect on my experience as a Daily columnist. Though I plan to continue writing television and movie reviews, I will forever cherish this experience. To everyone I interviewed, thank you for your time and your thoughtful answers, […]

The 617: MA Criminal Justice Bill

Governor Charlie Baker signed a new bill on criminal justice into law on Friday, April 13. In it, minor offenses are decriminalized, minor offenses are diverted from prosecution and bail is reduced. Importantly, mandatory minimums for non-opiate, non-weight retail drug offenses are repealed or limited. Contrary to this, mandatory minimums for opioid trafficking were increased. This […]