Affordability and the Budget, Part 2: The role of the deficit in rising cost of attendance

This is part two in a four-part series from the Daily’s Investigative Team. In a March 29 email from the Office of the Deans to the Tufts community, tuition and fees were announced for the 2018–2019 school year, amounting to a record high of $70,491. This high sticker price, which is among the highest in the country, […]

New Fletcher trek policies to provide more opportunities for students

The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy’s Office of Student Affairs has implemented new policies regarding the coordination of Fletcher treks, which are student-organized, school-subsidized educational and cultural tours of a country or region, according to Katie Mulroy, the director of student affairs at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Mulroy cited recent controversy surrounding […]

Op-Ed: A return to referenda

On Thursday, April 26, Tufts undergraduate students will have an opportunity to vote on a referendum that will amend the TCU Senate constitution to allow students more of a say in Senate resolutions. Implementation of this amendment will allow for a change in the process through which the student body’s wishes are represented. The text […]

Jumbos take first place at Sunshine Classic

The Tufts men’s track team split up across two competitions over the weekend. A handful of athletes competed at Friday’s Larry Ellis Invitational at Princeton University in Princeton, N.J., while the others competed at the Sunshine Classic, which Tufts hosted at Dussault Track on Saturday. The two meets were the final competitions of the team’s regular season, and they served as […]

Despite pretty good intentions, ‘I Feel Pretty’ pretty much fails

Amy Schumer’s “I Feel Pretty” (2018) poses an interesting question: What would happen if women simply decided to find themselves beautiful? What kind of confidence would they be able to awaken with such an attitude? Unfortunately, “I Feel Pretty’s” premise and intentions are its only strong characteristics. The film follows physically insecure Renee Bennett (Schumer), who […]

Senate selects logic professor Susan Russinoff as teacher of the year

Susan Russinoff, a senior lecturer in the philosophy department, received Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate’s “Teacher of the Year” award this year.  The student body nominates candidates, who are interviewed and selected by TCU Senate.  Russinoff, who has been teaching at Tufts for 24 years, specializes in logic, critical thinking and philosophy courses.  Russinoff shared her excitement for teaching and […]

Postgame Press: Beware of social media

Social media has consumed a lot of American culture (and the culture of the world) within a time. These days, we see a lot of news about social media coming up on our Facebook feeds, ironically enough. Am I the only one who has seen a study about how much time social media takes up, […]

‘Westworld’ season 2 makes bloody start

HBO’s stylish sci-fi western “Westworld” (2016–) returned this past Sunday, premiering its second season with an extended 75-minute episode entitled “Journey into Night.” Set in an immersive Old-West theme park staffed by sentient robots, or “hosts,” the first season of “Westworld” managed to deftly present profound philosophical questions about the nature of existence, juxtaposed with sex and […]

Why Tufts?: Students speak on college selection considerations, process

One way or another, we all ended up here — at the Medford-Somerville border, where the light shines upon the hill and the Jumbos roam. 5,541 of us, from a combined 49 states and more than 70 countries, chose to come to this place. Why? Or, in perhaps more familiar phrasing: Why Tufts? In November, educational research firm EAB […]

How Tufts Works: Really pre-med

Jheneal Atkinson is a Resumed Education for Adult Learning (R.E.A.L.) student in her second year at Tufts. Not only is she part of the R.E.A.L. program here at Tufts, but she has also spent her life studying medicine and plans to go to medical school after graduating from Tufts. Atkinson was introduced to the medical […]