‘Lost in Space’ can’t find itself

Netflix’s re-imagining of the 1965 series of the same name, “Lost in Space” (2018), has all the hallmarks of a Netflix production. The series is based on a cult favorite, the new cast is talented and the premise is interesting. However, there is something about the show that falls flat, and while it is certainly a good […]

Op-Ed: Why I rely on Rapfogel

Adam’s friends, myself included, have urged Adam to quit Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate many times. It’s sometimes done as a joke to see how he’ll react. Other times, it’s out of selfishness because we want to spend more time with him. The demand is typically made in awe after watching him devote immense amounts […]

Looking Out: Snap

All of a sudden, the rug is pulled out from underneath us. Turkey is once again headed to the ballot box in exactly two months. Erdoğan made the decision to call snap elections to get ahead of the strengthening center-right and worsening economy. What is Turkey facing? The usual numbers: Erdoğan’s party in the mid-40s, the […]

Op-Ed: Jacqueline Chen for TCU President

I have about five weeks left of my Tufts career before I will move on to greener and hopefully significantly flatter pastures, but before I go, I want to express why the Tufts student body should elect Jacqueline Chen as their next Tufts Community Union (TCU) President on April 26. I will be the first […]

Jumbo Exchange: Appreciating diversity

The fact that this week is the final week of classes makes me realize that it’s really the end of the semester, which also means the end of my exchange program. The next three weeks are likely to pass quickly because I’m going to be busy writing essays and studying for exams. Besides that, I’m […]