Op-Ed: ‘Next year in Jerusalem:’ Reflecting on Israeli Apartheid Week

Some of you may have seen students munching on funky-looking crackers last week in the dining halls. What you saw was students eating matzah, the “bread of affliction,” in celebration of the Jewish festival of Passover. For those wondering the reasoning behind such a tradition, Passover commemorates the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt following […]

‘It Happens Here’ projects voices of sexual assault survivors’

Content warning: This article discusses sexual violence. Twenty-four students read 24 narratives of sexual assault, abuse and harassment in Cohen Auditorium last night at the fifth annual It Happens Here event. Some of the narratives were read by the students who wrote them and others were read by volunteers — which were which was not specified. The event […]

Students rally at Massachusetts State House in support of two sexual assault prevention bills

Content warning: This article discusses sexual violence. Students from Tufts joined students from 25 other colleges at the Massachusetts State House yesterday to show support for two sexual assault prevention bills, H.4159 and S.2203, and for stopping the “silent epidemic,” according to Bailey Siber, an executive board member of Tufts Action for Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP). Siber is […]

Postgame Press: Villainy on the green

The antagonist. Every great story has one. Sometimes (most of the time) we hate them (despise them). Sometimes, we cheer for them. This is true in movies, books and sports. The recent Masters tournament saw a former hero try to regain his status, as well as the birth of a new villain. Tiger Woods came out […]

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live’ brings the show’s humor, talent to Medford

Content warning: This article mentions depression and suicide. On the fifth stop of their national tour, Rachel Bloom and her co-stars on The CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (2015–) brought the show’s witty songs and high energy to Medford Square. At the Chevalier Theatre, which Bloom playfully noted resembled “a really nice synagogue,” cast members performed over […]

Red Star: Cities for the people

America is ugly. Every ruling class built the world anew in its own image. The American ruling class produces art that reflects a sterile, technocratic, inhuman class. Buildings and public spaces should be humane and beautiful. You shouldn’t have to buy something to have access to a bathroom. The neoliberal city is anything but humane […]

R.E.A.L. Talk: Ancient history

I have been reminded a few times recently that history is relative. The more distance there is between you and the event, the more objectively you can analyze the situation. Most Tufts students have taken at least one class where they have to analyze a historical situation and explain the causes or the consequences of […]

A Column From a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Episode IX

The Canto Bight sequence in “The Last Jedi” (2017) definitely polarized the fan base (as did the entire film). Following Rose and Finn as they made their way through the casino planet, it generated intense reactions. Some fans hated the sequence and found it too similar to the prequels, others praised it and some questioned its […]

Tufts admits Class of 2022 from record-high applicant pool

On March 30, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions offered spots in the Class of 2022 to 3,140 applicants, according to a TuftsNow article. The admissions office received 21,502 applications, marking a record-high number of applicants and a two percent increase from last year. The acceptance rate dropped from 14.8 percent last year to 14.6 percent, keeping in range […]