Citing overspending, TCU Senate urges clubs to cut back on expenses

According to TCU Treasurer Emily Sim, a junior, concerns involving the possibility of the TCU Senate going over its budget into the next academic year have prompted certain TCU Allocations Board (ALBO) members, such as TCU Associate Treasurer Finn McGarghan, to ask clubs and organizations to cut back on spending. An email McGarghan sent on March 29 […]

Looking Out: Power of diaspora

In Arabic, the root word shatata is to scatter and the word for diaspora, shataat, is literally the scattered. Today, many communities live in this way, scattered across the globe from wherever they originated. Some returning often, others never. Some retaining their culture and passing on languages, and others not. Diaspora has become a concept […]

‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ returns with important message

If we were to “look away,” as the villainous thespian Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris) urges us to do in the opening theme of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” (2017-), we would foolishly give up the chance to venture into the beautiful yet tragic world of the Baudelaire orphans, whose boundless cunning and bravery necessitate […]

Police Briefs — Week of April 9

You’re one not-so-smart cookie On April 3 at around 12:30 a.m., Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) responded to a fire alarm in Wren Hall. A single burnt cookie had been left in a melted bowl in the kitchen’s microwave. TUPD was unable to identify the individual responsible. Medford Fire Department reset the fire panel. Confrontation on […]

Is This Thing On?: On Maroon 5 and youthfulness

When someone mentions Maroon 5, the mind likely conjures images of not the entire band, but of lead singer and guitarist Adam Levine. Contrary to popular belief, Maroon 5 is composed of more than just their frontman, and it actually now has seven members. Unfortunately for the new guys, I guess Maroon 7 didn’t have the same ring. Although […]

Active Minds at Tufts hosts Mental Health Monologues

Active Minds at Tufts hosted its third annual Mental Health Monologues on Monday night at Goddard Chapel. According to the Active Minds at Tufts Facebook page, Mental Health Monologues is an opportunity for people to share their mental health stories and to bring about awareness and acceptance of mental health challenges. The event featured 15 speakers who either read their own […]

The Weeknd’s pain is our joy in ‘My Dear Melancholy’

Since his debut mixtapes in 2011, The Weeknd has captivated listeners with tales of heartbreak and empty hedonism. Born Abel Tesfaye, the singer spent much of his early career as an R&B enigma and steadily acquired a devoted fan base. Though The Weeknd has since become a household name, appearing on the “Black Panther” (2018) […]

Tufts Jewish Voice for Peace tables for a boycott of Birthright trips

Tufts Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) tabled in Mayer Campus Center on March 28 encouraging Jewish students not to go on Birthright trips to Israel, according to Tufts JVP member Hannah Nahar. The Facebook event was titled “Return the Birthright: Teach-Out and Tabling.” The tabling is part of the JVP national organization’s #ReturnTheBirthright campaign. Nahar described the goals […]

No. 6 Jumbos continue strong run with convincing results

The No. 6 Tufts women’s lacrosse team (10–1, 6–0 NESCAC) won all three of its games in the last week, extending its winning streak to six games leading up to what figures to be a difficult end to the regular season. On Sunday, the Jumbos defeated the Babson Beavers (6–5) in a non-conference game in Wellesley, Mass. The hosts got on the board […]