2018 Intentionality and Inclusivity Initiatives: A year in review


Tufts Daily Con Training: During these semi-annual Daily-wide trainings at the beginning of each semester, we led new executive editors and incoming staff in a conversations that asked them to reflect on their own biases and make connections between their personal backgrounds and the way they represented people. We also brought attention to multiple incidents of Daily miscoverage of the Tufts community in the past, in hopes that people would see how the past informs our present relationships with our audience and sources.


Women’s Center Workshop: K Martinez and their interns from the Women’s Center designed a workshop on the gender binary that was mandatory for members listed on our masthead. One activity, for example, engaged staff in looking through print issues and analyzing the diversity or lack of diversity of gender expression in our visuals and photographs.


I&I Style Guide: Over the course of the fall semester, each member brought in their own research about the representation of social groups that are frequently discriminated against in the mainstream media. As a group, we compiled a working guide with story frames and terminology we believed would better portray people and stories from marginalized backgrounds.


Covering Community Panel Series: We invited four professional journalists who had backgrounds in reporting, radio journalism, paper management, nonprofit media organizations and documentary work, and facilitated a conversation about ‘insider’ coverage, wherein a journalist who identifies with a group writes about that group, and ‘outsider’ coverage, wherein a journalists must gain the trust of people with whom they do not share common perspectives.


A collaboration with the Tufts Enigma: As former editor-in-chief of our university’s data journal, Nina Joung worked with Enigma members to publish articles on trends within the Daily’s coverage. Part of the project was the creation of a searchable database of The Tufts Daily archives. Links to be added.


Thank you to our Tufts Daily alumni, faculty members and supportive staff members who have informed, participated and contributed to these efforts.