The Weekly Chirp: Birds and Engineering

To cap off a wonderful fall of avian anecdotes and bird facts, let’s explore how humans have utilized bird morphology to increase the efficiency of modern-day technology. The science and art of mimicking biological structures and functions to solve technical problems, known as biomimicry, is used across scientific fields, ranging from glue derived from the […]

Thoughts from Places: TL;DR

As this column is printed, I will be finishing up the first eighth of my college journey. Now there is a semester’s worth of thoughts from places to comb through and consider: It was in the ASEAN Auditorium where my first college class took place, and where this column was born. I was sitting in […]

Fletcher student-led Pakistan trek canceled weeks prior to departure

A student-led trip to Pakistan through The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy was denied approval for continuation on Nov. 14, in a decision made by the International Travel Review Committee (ITRC) under Tufts Global Operations. According to ITRC’s documentation, the trip was originally set to take place from Dec. 22, 2017 to Jan. 1, 2018 and was […]

Singer-songwriter Jake Bugg’s performance at Paradise earns ‘cheers’

Walking on stage with his signature shag and stoic manner, Jake Bugg did nothing but impress in his Dec. 5 concert at Paradise Rock Club. His voice sounded exactly like it does in every track he has ever recorded, putting a face to all his poignant melodies. Backed by only an amp and his own guitar, Bugg relied on […]

Jumbos earn two midweek road wins

After a 3–3 start, the Jumbos have started to steer their season in the right direction with three straight victories. Following a buzzer-beating three-pointer by senior quad-captain Vincent Pace against Brandeis last weekend, Tufts rattled off back-to-back mid-week road wins against Emerson and UMass-Boston. Though both games show up equally in the win column, the Jumbos […]

Editorial: Rethinking Tufts football

We, the managing board of the Daily, believe that our editorials this semester were outstanding. We strive to maintain a fair perspective on all issues. This piece, however, featured insufficient details on the nature of Tufts’ actions and input from the Athletics Department. Football is a complicated game — there are discussions happening on a […]

Looking Out: Slavery

Slavery still exists. The treatment of humans as property is not over. The world was reminded of this disgusting reality when a CNN video surfaced in November, showing a slave auction in Libya, a failed state in an on-again-off-again civil war. The sheer lawlessness of Libya allowed for slavery to go on in the open, […]

Op-Ed: Palestinian thirst for dignity and justice

Disclaimer: It has been brought to the Daily’s attention that sections of this op-ed and the op-ed entitled “Israeli academic treks: single narrative at the service of occupation” by the same author from the Nov. 15, 2017 issue of the Daily were plagiarized from sources referenced in the pieces. The author has been banned from further […]

Events on the Hill: Week of Dec. 11

MONDAY ChBE Seminar: Dr. Michael Timko Details: Dr. Michael Timko, a biology professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, is delivering the final lecture in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering’s fall 2017 seminar series. Where and when: Science and Technology Center, Room 136; 12 p.m. “Exam Kits and Massage Chairs” Details: Tufts University Social Collective (TUSC)’s First-Years subgroup […]

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ midseason finale is less crazy, more ex(ceptionally distasteful)

Content warning: This article mentions suicide. The shortened daylight hours and the rapid approach of the holidays always mark the end of a fall semester, but for TV viewers it also indicates winter finale season. Since most shows go on a winter hiatus and viewers have to wait several weeks before their favorite TV characters return to the screen in the new year, TV […]