Jumbos engineer third-place finish at MIT Invitational behind strong showings from Bowen, Gu

Tufts men’s swimming and diving earned a respectable third-place finish in the largest meet of the curtailed fall semester season. Competing against five other teams at the MIT Winter Invitational on Dec. 1–3, the No. 11 Jumbos — led by junior Kingsley Bowen and sophomore Roger Gu — earned 1016.5 points, trailing only the No. 4 Engineer hosts (1683) and the […]

Why ‘The Office’ episode ‘Secret Santa’ is better than any Christmas movie you’ve seen

It’s no secret that Christmas movies are overrated. They’re always silly, melodramatic or as sickeningly sweet as gingerbread house icing. But there’s one piece of media that balances all these elements out masterfully. And it’s not a movie — it’s the blessed, brilliant season six, episode 13 of “The Office” (2005-2013) titled “Secret Santa.” We […]

Medford postpones decision on Tufts’ off-campus student housing project

Medford’s Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) moved on Monday night to postpone a decision on Tufts’ bid to convert university-owned properties between Capen Street and Boston Avenue into student housing. Further discussion will be held at the Jan. 11, 2018 ZBA meeting, according to Secretary of the Board Denis MacDougall. The project was not immediately approved because the wood-framed houses in question do […]

Men’s squash trounces Wesleyan in key win

On Saturday, the No. 29 Tufts men’s squash team defeated No. 25 Wesleyan handily, winning by a margin of five matches, 7–2. Underscoring the Jumbos’ dominance, first-year Daniel Hutt dropped just nine points to his Cardinals opponent in a three-set sweep. “Daniel is a freshman who has now had two convincing wins,” coach Joe Raho said. “He has been really […]

The power of storytelling: A conversation with Alisha Guffey

With the 2011 repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, many assumed the military would become more inclusive and that somehow all the past issues would fade away. According to the Williams Institute report from May 2010, at least 70,000 members of the U.S. military are lesbian, gay or bisexual. Additionally, about 15,500 members are […]

A. Savage makes strong solo debut at Great Scott

Last Sunday, Andrew Savage, best known for his role as vocalist and guitarist of the indie band Parquet Courts, played at Great Scott as part of his first set of live outings under his new moniker A. Savage. His first record under this name, “Thawing Dawn” (2017), takes significant steps away from the dissonant and […]

In Defense of the Butterfly Effect: Either or

Once upon a time, there was a man named Zhuangzi who lived and wrote in China in approximately the third century B.C. According to legend, one night the great Daoist thinker fell asleep and began to dream vividly. In the dream, he was a butterfly, a joyful creature who moved from here to there, flying […]

Students, administrators contemplate potential effects of switch to credit-hour system

A post on Tufts’ Student Life website in October 2016 announced that the university would be changing its credit system by fall 2018, switching from the one-course, one-credit model to a new credit-hour system that takes into account time spent doing work outside the classroom. Carmen Lowe, the dean of undergraduate studies, and Phil Miller, Tufts […]

Postgame Press: Rivalry and farewell for now

Bears-Packers. Red Sox-Yankees. Ali-Frazier. Rivalries are everywhere, and they can bring out the best in us. Or the worst. Some of them are historically close, and others are pretty one-sided (see Road Runner-Wile E. Coyote). This past Monday, a rivalry took the football field and showed its darkest colors. The Steelers-Bengals showdowns in the past […]

Letter to the Editor

A question was raised today by students- Why was the International Center (I-Center) not included on the Letter to the Editor (12/6/2017) from the Group of 5 Center Directors? It was not intentional that the I-Center wasn’t included in the Daily’s Letter to the Editor. In fact, the I-Center staff fully supports the Asian American […]