Tufts students, administration meet with aldermen regarding housing expansion

Tufts Housing League (THL), Tufts Director of Community Relations Barbara Rubel and Tufts Director of Real Estate Robert Chihade met with Alderman Mark Niedergang and Alderman Katjana Ballantyne, members of the Committee on Housing and Community Development for Somerville, on Nov. 29 to review Tufts plans to expand student housing into the surrounding neighborhoods. The meeting constituted a follow-up to a […]

‘Call Me By Your Name’ is a tender, sensual tale of desire

Book-to-movie adaptations are more often than not underwhelming. There’s always the question of remaining “faithful” to the source, and runtime is another issue. Perhaps, the biggest limitation is translating literary language into something visual. In the case of André Aciman’s “Call Me By Your Name” (2007) this is particularly true, as the novel’s strongest feature […]

Interdisciplinary studies reflects new academic interests and innovative collaborations

While the interdisciplinary studies (IS) major offers students the freedom to combine disciplines to fit their interests and cross normative academic boundaries, the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies works with students to help design and promote their individualized major post-graduation — a unique challenge to IS majors that comes with its own advantages. Dean of Undergraduate Studies Carmen Lowe talked […]

Predictable plot twists, destructive decisions plague Chapter 20 of ‘Riverdale’

It had been a long two weeks since we last saw the “Riverdale” (2017–) gang in action, and this reviewer was more than ready for the return of some classic Riverdale shenanigans. Unfortunately, the majority of last week’s episode was a huge letdown. In a change from the typical format, this week was split into […]

Twelve Days of TB12

If you are a football fan, odds are you have a strong opinion about New England Patriots starting quarterback Tom Brady. Many Jets fans and Colts fans hate Brady, citing the infamous incidents of “spygate” and “deflategate.” Other fan bases share this hatred for similar or different reasons. If you are from New England, Brady is most […]

Letter to the Editor

The Zamboni’s most recent issue, “No One Expects the Spanish Inquisissue,” focuses on the Roman Catholic Church as its main target of satire. In doing so, the Zamboni perpetuated misconceptions of the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. Several pieces in the issue ridicule the Eucharist, religious life and celibacy, the authority of the pope, the […]

Op-Ed: Be mindful of our bubble

To our average student, the idea of a Ben Shapiro event is laughable, and the face-off against the Mooch makes us proud. Democrats and liberals are a dime a dozen at Tufts, and I think it’s worth examining the consequences that emerge from this. One, it creates an environment where some peoples and minorities can […]

Bird’s Eye View: Let them smoke weed

There exists a painkiller, a drug, that is innocuous even in the highest dosages. Many athletes, including retired NFL player Eugene Monroe, attest to its efficacy in treating pain and improving their quality of life. Even more promising is this drug’s suspected neuro-protective capabilities, which, if factual, would present a massive leap forward in the fight […]

The Weekly Chirp: Birds and climate

Anyone living in the general New England area can tell you that this fall has been outrageously warm — a trend that we have been seeing (and feeling) for all seasons over the past decade. While climate change denial clouds the concentration of cocky conservatives in Congress, temperatures in the United States keep breaking records. […]

TCU Senate shares updates, hears funding requests

The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate met last night in the Sophia Gordon Multipurpose Room to share updates on ongoing Senate-led initiatives and to hear funding requests and one appeal.  TCU President Benya Kraus started the meeting, sharing with the body that the university has recently hired Matt Callahan to assume the role of assistant director of recreation […]