The Weekly Chirp: Birds in history

The bald eagle holds a special place in the hearts of the American people, birders and non-birders alike. While the exact reasoning may vary slightly from person to person, the major reason underlying Americans’ love for bald eagles is their elite status as our national bird. Once hunted to near extinction, bald eagles now inhabit rivers […]

Bird’s Eye View: No Redskins on Thanksgiving

Football on Thanksgiving is an American tradition almost as old as the holiday itself. Though the actual event from which we derive Thanksgiving occurred in 1621, when members of the Wampanoag Tribe celebrated a successful harvest with Plymouth settlers, it wasn’t until President Abraham Lincoln that the holiday was made official in 1863. Yale and Princeton played the […]

Op-Ed: Scaramucci on Board of Advisors: Short-term benefits vs. long-term costs

Disclaimer: Ambassador Roberta Jacobson’s son is Gil Jacobson, the editor-in-chief of The Tufts Daily. He was not involved in the editing of this op-ed in any way. Two weeks ago in his remarks to students, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy alumnus and current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford reminded us of the […]

Events on the Hill: Week of Nov. 27

MONDAY “Childhood Trauma and Violent Extremism” Details: Dr. Heidi Ellis, director of the Boston Children’s Hospital Center for Refugee Trauma and Resilience, will speak about her research on how youth refugees’ experiences post-settlement may lead some to violent extremist ideology. The event is co-sponsored by ALLIES and the Child Development Association. When and Where: 6 p.m.; Cabot […]

Thoughts from Places: Jersey City

Tufts has become a de facto home for more than a thousand fresh faces over the past few months. Despite the occasional, instantaneous zeal to remain a renegade while on campus, every so often it is time to pay a visit to family. This break was the perfect opportunity to take an eight-hour journey (which should […]

Looking out: Jews still exist outside America and Israel

I usually introduce myself as being from Istanbul, where I spent my first 18 years. This introduction leads to the reasonable assumption that I am Muslim, since 99.9 percent of Turkey is Muslim. So, it is surprising when later I mention that I am Jewish. This confuses Americans, with little understanding of the Middle East […]