Editorial: The importance of long-awaited housing reforms

The vast majority of Tufts students have dealt first-hand with the inefficiencies and frustration that pervade the Tufts housing system. If you are a first-year, you will have to wait until well into spring semester to find out where and with whom you are living. If you are applying for group housing, your friend groups […]

Do it this weekend: Nov. 10–12

The first full week of November is finally over, and a long weekend is here as our reward! While it might be getting colder outside, there is still plenty to do this weekend both on campus and in the Boston area. Be sure to check out these activities, guaranteed to warm your spirit! FRIDAY & SATURDAY […]

Majors and Minors: From Jay Chou to Peking opera with Shirley

This is Shirley Wang, a first-year from Tianjin, China, a city about an hour away from Beijing. She’s planning to major in international relations, with a potential double major in education. She has played piano for more than 10 years, she enjoys eating a Tianjin-style crispy cookie dough-like breakfast food and she also enjoys watching cat […]

School of Arts & Sciences addresses budget deficit

The budget for the School of Arts & Sciences (A&S) is currently in a deficit, according to the Sept. 27 A&S faculty meeting minutes, which discussed the school’s budget and financial situation. In the minutes, Executive Administrative Dean for Arts & Sciences Scott Sahagian emphasized that the deficit exists for good reason; the university is investing in […]

Postgame Press: A tribute to Roy Halladay

Baseball and all of its faithful followers were dealt a tragic blow this week. Retired pitcher Roy Halladay, who played on the Toronto Blue Jays and the Philadelphia Phillies, passed away when his plane crashed. He was 40 years old. The entire Major League Baseball community came out and mourned a great player and great […]

Murphy’s Law: Death and taxes

Three things in life are certain: death, taxes and the fact that Paul Ryan doesn’t get taxes. Republicans and Democrats alike will lie about the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, and our media will confuse and poorly explain it. Decoding the proposal is quite simple: it is a spiteful bill, designed to take from Democrats and […]

Cross country prepares for New England Div. III Race this weekend

Following a successful run at the NESCAC Championships on Oct. 28, the Jumbos will compete at the New England Div. III Regional Championship on Saturday as both the men’s and women’s teams look to build on an impressive season. For the men’s team, juniors Colin Raposo, Brian Reaney, Dylan Jones, Christian Swenson, Hiroto Watanabe and Andrew […]

TUTV’s ‘The End is Now’ flips the male-dominated apocalypse genre on its head

Created and directed by Laura Broman and Asha Norman-Hunt, TUTV’s latest series “The End is Now” (2017) is an apocalyptic mockumentary following the lives of four women as they face the end of the world while on a college campus. The group grapples inner conflict as each takes on a different view of how to […]

Op-Ed: A Conversation to continue

“Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a newly elected freshmen representative on TCU Senate.” To which they usually respond, “Don’t even get me started, have you heard what happened last year?” It seems to me Senate’s identity on campus has become synonymous with one resolution, and as shocking as that is for a naive, excited first […]

In Defense of the Butterfly Effect: Daily fallout

The other day, a friend of mine read some poetry out loud that he was learning for an Italian class. One didn’t have to know what the words meant in order to appreciate the expressions and experience how beautiful they sounded together, the blended “r” and emphatic “l” of the language dancing around each other […]